This blog post has been a year and a half in the making, as Sally-Anne first contacted us for her wedding even before Michael proposed (now that’s a girl who knows what she wants!). We’re so happy now to be showing off some of the great moments from their recent wedding out at the beautiful Woodend Sanctuary. While the clouds threatened, and ultimately opened just enough to keep everyone under the protective tent for their ceremony, the backdrop views for their guests were of the surrounding open pasture and lush woods. Sally-Anne and Michael personalized their ceremony with Sally-Anne being escorted by her godmother in honor of her late parents, whose picture was fastened to the wrap of her bouquet so they would always be with her. Sally-Anne beamed and looked stunning in her bird cage veil and her personally-embellished Stella McCartney flats as she walked toward Michael at the lawn’s edge. During the ceremony, they had their friends and his parents, and subsequently Sally-Anne and Michael, pour sand of differing bright colors into clear glass vases to signify their bond. We love this idea and think it’s a great alternative for couples who want something different than a unity candle. Further, their officiant was a dear friend of theirs who, we think, lives in Virginia, as we all got a chuckle at the ceremony’s conclusion when she announced her power to proclaim the happy couple husband-and-wife, as authorized by the state of Virginia instead of Maryland.

Afterwards, the rain stopped just long enough so we were able to head into the wooded grove, one of Woodend’s most distinctive features, for a late-evening portrait session with the newlyweds as the sun’s light faded. Once they joined their cocktail hour, one of the surprises that Sally-Anne had for Michael was a commissioned piece of caricature art showing the couple and their three cats, within the context of several of their favorite Washington, DC area landmarks and their house. The artwork was subsequently framed and matted with a wide mat, suitable for all of their friends to offer well wishes in special-colored pens. He was incredibly surprised and touched by the gesture, made all the more special by their friends close by when he saw it for the first time.

In a highly unique and personalized method, the guest table cards were quizzes of sorts. On each was a quote from one of Sally-Anne and Michael’s favorite movies or TV shows. The name of the movie was, of course, the answer and corresponded to the table name. For those guests not quite as cinematically-inclined, the answer was printed upside down on the reverse side of the flag, so everyone safely made it to their seats instead of wandering aimlessly around and starving. Once their amusing toasts by their attendants were finished, everyone enjoyed a largely vegetarian meal with items personally selected by Sally-Anne. Alas, the rain was not quite finished, and with the announcement of loud thunder, the skies opened once again and “treated” the guests with the sounds of rain falling on the tent’s ceiling.

Their adorable cats were also represented by a custom-made cake topper featured on top of another of our favorites, a Fancy Cake by Leslie, and was a bit hit with their guests (and with us!). As forecasted, they had a rousing dance set with family and friends jamming the dance floor until the party came to an end around midnight. Their guests were sure to get a good night’s sleep at their hotels, however, as in the welcome bag included by the couple was a Do Not Disturb door tag, saying, “Recovering from Sally-Anne and Michael’s wedding…” We’re glad to say we too are fully recovered and are delighted to share some of these favorite images with you. Congratulations, Sally-Anne and Michael!















What sweet idea. Literally!


This cracked us up. The “eye” is always watching?!? 😉


As usual, the kids had a great time on the dance floor, too. Especially since Sally-Anne and Michael provided gift boxes filled with fun stuff just for them!




And last, but certainly not least, some eye candy!


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  1. Sally-Anne

    The officiant lives in Florida now, but she did live in (and perform several weddings in) Virginia until recently!

    Thanks Anne and Bill!

  2. Carrie

    You captured the mixture of fun and sentiment so well in these pictures. It was a wonderful day and the photos show just that!

  3. Susan

    The photos truly captured the warmth and beauty of the wedding.

  4. Sally-Anne

    By the way, the art was done by Marion Vitus, a really talented NYC-based comic artist.

  5. Sally-Anne Macdonald

    Hi Sally-Anne.

    WOW, what an IMPRESSIVE wedding! It would have been memorable for EVERYONE there. I LOVE the bright colours, your idea of pouring the sand, the table settings, the cake, the outfits, and the guest bags.

    What can I say – WOW!

    You two deserve every great happiness and joy – and what a FANTASTIC way to start your lives together. WELL DONE!

    Sally-Anne, Hector, Amber, Melanie, Paige & Kiera Macdonald (from Melbourne, Australia)

  6. J

    I LOVE the bride’s dress – any hint as to where it was from would be appreciated!

  7. Sally-Anne

    The dress is by Jacquelin Exclusives. It’s a few seasons old but I got it from House of Brides online. Thanks!

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