We enjoyed a few Spring weddings, as you’ve undoubtedly already seen on the blog, and came back with some wonderful images from our clients (thanks, y’all!). Most every quarter, we’ll select a few that really stand out and submit them for consideration in a professional photography organization we belong to, the ISPWP. The contest results were returned yesterday, and we’re pleased to announce that several of our images placed in the top ten, amid stiff competition from some talented shooters around the world. We hope you enjoy a redux of some of these moments captured from this past Spring:

Bill’s shot from Diana & Rob’s wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts (note that I caught Anne’s flash as she was on the dance floor during the hora).


Anne’s shot from their same wedding earlier in the afternoon, at the gorgeous Sixth & I Synagogue.


Maneli & Tim’s wedding reception, held at her parents estate, as the evening was winding down.


One of my personal favorite moments from Laura & Tim’s wedding–their cake-cutting at Halcyon House.


Anne caught this moment with Laura’s bridesmaids before they headed to the church.


Bill captured Kate & Andrew being announced into their reception at the Jefferson Hotel.