We’re happy to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our good friends Angela and Webster, who celebrated their wedding at beautiful Veritas Vineyards one year ago today. We recently asked them to share with us some of their favorite images from the day, and this is what they told us:


Angela: This is such a cool picture of Web.  I love how calm, happy and peaceful he was the whole day.  There wasn’t one picture of him looking apprehensive before the wedding which is nice 🙂


Webster: I love this picture for a number of reasons…first is how beautiful and happy Angela looks.  But it also shows Angela’s dad seeing her in her gown for the first time.  Richie is often a man of few words, but I feel like his face says so much in this picture.  It also makes me hope I will get to have a moment like that in my future.


Angela: I loved the colors and flowers throughout our wedding and reception and always liked the way this picture featured that with us in the background.  Every time I see these shades of red and purple it takes me back to all these wonderful memories.


Joint: This is most people’s favorite pic.  It is fun because it shows us seeing the beautiful reception room for the first time and our anticipation to being announced for the first time as a married couple.


Joint: We think this is a beautiful and classic picture.  It reminds us of how much fun we had both that night and practicing for the dance during the stressful wedding planning.  It always got us in a great mood in the evenings leading up to the wedding.


Webster: I love this picture because it really captures my dad better than anything I’ve ever seen. Anyone who knows my dad, as soon as they see this picture they just get it.

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  1. Windy Jennings

    What a fantabulous idea this is! I love to hear what the couple thinks of their favorite shots… and to know what they were thinking/feeling when it was taken. Excellent addition to the blog (or maybe you’ve been doing this all along and I’m just picking up on it now that you’re on FB!) Either way – I love this! Bravo!

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