Every time I think I’ve seen it all with baby and toddler portraits, along comes another little one who is just so funny and so adorable it makes you laugh. When I drove down to Lynchburg recently to see Marcy and Barrett and their little boy Trent for his second Watch Me Grow session, they told me he’s taken a liking to pickles. Imagine my ears perking up at that one, so we had a lot of fun just playing around before the big finale. I suspect this liking takes a little getting used to after the first taste, but sure enough he ate the whole thing and proceeded to polish it off with a big slice of watermelon. It was so cool seeing them all again, and I can’t wait to return in a few months for Trent’s third session when he’s walking and getting into even more mischief. Here are a few faves from our recent session in the meantime:

Eat hand before pickles. Check.






Um, yum?


Yea, grass is good, too. ;-D


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