Third Watch Me Grow sessions are always bittersweet for me, as it’s wonderful continuing to see our friends and their children, but also that it’s our last scheduled visit together. With Allison and Tim, we had first met them for their 2004 Washington, DC wedding and thoroughly enjoyed keeping in touch over the years. They recently returned from a trip to North Carolina and swung through Charlottesville (our fair city) on their way home for Natalie’s 3rd Watch Me Grow session. Now walking, she was eager to explore every facet of her new environment, often prompting her parents to run to retrieve her from whatever precipice toward which she might be heading. I loved our session on the serene grounds of the University of Virginia, and have had a lot of fun catching Natalie’s expressions and tender and fun moments between her and her parents. See below for a few highlights from our recent session. Thank you, Allison and Tim, for continuing to share yourselves and your family with us! We’ve loved being a part of yours.










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