(Continued from Part 1…) Returning to the hotel from portraits, we saw Jamie who had worked with the St. Regis hotel’s talented Haydee Gamez to create a very cool layout in the courtyard with a four-sided Caribbean themed bar in the middle of the terrace with a pair of sleek lounge areas in the back by the fountain. (Both Jamie and Haydee are pro’s all the way – extremely talented and totally calm, cool and collected to boot. Having people like them help coordinate your day helps in more ways than we can say.) We then walked into the Astor ballroom to see multiple candles setting the room aglow along with dozens upon dozens of white roses and trailing orchids set in various arrangements designed by the amazing Philippa Tarrant atop deep purple table linens. It was wonderful seeing it all come together and Miranda was equally ecstatic herself as she saw the room for the first time.

Following cocktail hour each of their attendants were announced with their own song befitting to them (just a few bars, but very effective and a cool idea) as they strode and danced their way through the tables to the dance floor where they awaited the arrival of Miranda and Eric and their first dance. The couple had arranged for a New York oil painter to capture their first dance, and it was fun for everyone to visit him throughout the night as he worked to see his progress as the painting really came together. DJ D-Mac really led the party in so many different ways that night musically, and it’s been hard thinking of a better music selection with song after song after song that kept people on the dance floor with ooohs and aaahs from memories past as each selection started. He did an incredible job and we look forward to working with Daryle again (hopefully!) soon.

Between dinner courses, Georgie and Mark, their maid of honor and best man, respectfully, offered up tearful warm thoughts, advice, and stories of the couple and their time together, keeping the guests in rapt attention while the couple held hands and stole glances at each other. In addition to the delicious hors d’ouvres passed during cocktail hour, guests were treated to the hotel chef’s talents with a delicious multi-course dinner prior to cake-cutting. Later, as the formal part of the night wound down, everyone reluctantly left the dance floor, but found themselves refreshed out in the cool night air back in the courtyard, where the bar and lounge was reopened with the St. Regis staff serving gourmet sliders and grilled cheese, yum! Several guests also partook of the personalized cigar selections, filling the night air with sweet-smelling smoke. What a perfect ending to such a perfect day.  It was so much fun and we had a great time celebrating the day. Thank you so much, Mindy and Eric, for having us out to document your wedding celebration! We can’t wait to share the rest of the images with you soon.

A few more favorites from the fun portrait session. Miranda & Eric made sure to leave extra time between their ceremony and the start of cocktail hour so they could get lots of pictures together and with their wedding party. That idea *always* works for us! 🙂

Check out their full gallery here. The password is Miranda’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!




We found this fantastic mirrored wall in the bar at the St. Regis and just had to take advantage of it. Definitely one of our faves from the day!


Cocktails anyone? Yes, please. ;-D





The couple’s initials comprised of bright pink flowers let everyone know they were going the right way to the hotel’s courtyard for an island themed cocktail hour.


While the crisp white flowers, warm golds and deep purples, led a gorgeous, elegant air to the evening’s festivities. The escort cards were literally on a bed of white roses. Sooooo beautiful!





Miranda carried their invitation design through to the letter pressed escort and menu cards. Gorgeous!


As excited as Miranda was to see the room come together, Eric was that excited to see the awesome cake by Kendall’s Cakes. YUM!



The St. Regis kicks off dinner service with a champagne sabering. Bill got the cork in the air! Great catch, love!






They brought in a fun photo booth which was a big hit with them and their friends.



We love this shot of Miranda’s grandad, declaring once and for all that wedding cake is far more important than dancing, at least at first.


Kendall also made cupcakes and cookies for the evening!


DJ D-Mac spinning some awesome tunes!


We had never seen a tie used as a limbo pole, but it totally works!



She wore them alllll night! You go, Mindy! 🙂



And here’s where her granddad opted for dancing…


The bar and lounge area were especially popular with guests that night, as the temperature was perfect for just hanging out and relaxing for a bit.


Sliders, mini-grilled cheese sandwiches *and* root beer float shots!




The custom-created painting they had commissioned featuring their first dance.


Cigars are always a popular hit at weddings, enjoyed by guys and gals alike.



Go here to see all images from Miranda and Eric’s wedding! The password is Miranda’s maiden name. You can also purchase prints for yourselves as you desire at any time, and we’re happy offering free shipping on all orders placed now through Friday, October 23.

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  1. Susan Hansen-Gaier

    OMG OMG OMG OMG………….what fabulous photos! What a fabulous OMG never-to-forget wish-we-could-do-it-again Wonderful Washington Wedding Weekend!

  2. DJ D-Mac

    What a perfectly memorable/memorably perfect event! You’ve captured the boundless energy and elegance (a rare combination!) so well.

  3. Haydee Gamez

    Anne & Bill,

    What else can I say but magical! Absolutely amazing and fabulous, thank you so much for capturing the essence of this beautiful couple and wedding for us.

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