We’re so happy to share congratulations with Ruth and Steve, who just recently tied the knot at the beautiful Homestead Resort in an evening wedding with beautiful, dramatic lighting. We had met the two for lunch a few months ago when they were working on the design, and we couldn’t wait to see what they had come up with! They’re such an easy-going and fun-loving pair we knew immediately the party afterwards would be a great one for their friends and family.

The day started out with copious amounts of champagne, a favorite drink of Ruth’s, which flowed freely in the bridal suite as she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The air was giddy with excitement as her bridesmaids, full of  joie de verve, just put everyone at ease for the evening affair. Ruth had told us beforehand that she would be wearing ruby red shoes, or as she put it, “Stuart Wietzman shoes with big f’n roses on them” to top off her Oscar de la Renta gown. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait!

(Oh, and if you’re looking to view and order prints from the complete wedding, click here, and remember the password is Ruth’s maiden name (and is case-sensitive). Enjoy!)

Anne’s rockin’s shot of the shoes!

All the girls wore feathers in their hair and they were also in the bouquets and flower arrangements!

LOVED Ruth’s feather and bird cage veil!

Ruth getting a sweet text message from Steve shortly before leaving the room.

A little emotional getting ready to walk down with Dad.

As the sun set that evening, Esme Pitard, the Homestead’s uber-planner, turned off the house lights in the grand ballroom foyer, leaving only spot lights set only to the altar area, previously set up by Posh Events (who also did the floral decor). They had set up hanging votives set among dozens of red roses and other red flowers. Everything looked amazing!

Gotta love the long way through the Great Hall…

…almost as much as those short cuts through the kitchen!

At the processional, Steve kept his gaze lowered until Ruth stepped through the ballroom doors at the other end of the narrow foyer, then a broad smile came across his face. Ruth was also emotional as her dad escorted her down the short aisle. They enjoyed a brief ceremony officiated by the delightful Maggie Anderson, capped off with a Ketubah signing at the conclusion of their ring exchange.

We love this shot! It’s something you don’t usually find in “highlight portfolios” with photographers, but truly shows the range of emotions a couple can feel at their ceremony. Within milliseconds, they looked again at each other with broad smiles on their faces, and celebrated with their friends and family as they recessed.

Sharing a private moment just afterwards. LOVE this shot of Bill’s.

Ruth and Steve really wanted to spend cocktail hour with their guests, so we ended up scheduling a “day after” portrait session with them for the next morning following brunch (more on that later!) As their guests entered the Crystal Ballroom, they were greeted with a guest book with “slightly expired” polaroid film and a variety of well-designed and beautiful cards around the ballroom with pithy or amusing sayings or instructions. Ruth even set up a basket filled with gold flip-flops for the ladies to dance a little more comfortably that evening.

Not content to have merely only wedding cake (which was chocolate and peanut butter, baked by the Homestead’s pastry chef and some of the best we’ve ever had), the couple arranged for a dessert course following dinner. Guest favors were more chocolate and wine stoppers with a molded fleur de leis on top in personalized boxes. During dancing, expertly played by DJ Mike Beene of Choice Entertainment, the floor was packed with people getting their groove on to a lot of hip hop. But they ended the evening by request with a sing-along to a live version of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places”, with the extra verse of course. It was a fabulous way of ending the night’s festivities.

This never happens at weddings we shoot. 😉

Um, ouch?!?

Oh, and we won’t be showing any photos here, but their enterprising bridesmaids “borrowed” a room key to their suite and “decorated” the bridal suite as a surprise to the couple. It was so much fun seeing everything they had put in there, and fully related to the happy couple.

The next day we couldn’t have had nicer weather for a November morning. After a relaxing brunch at the resort’s dining room, we converged just off the Great Hall for their “day after” portrait session.

If you’ve stayed at the Homestead, you know full well the magic that is their sugar-sprinkled donuts. We thought it would make for some fun portraits to incorporate them into shots with Ruth and Steve, and they were totally into playing with them. At least until they devoured them.

We can’t decide which of the next three is our favorite. Do you have one?

Ruth showing off the sugar on her lips.

The bling fit quite nicely, thank you, right into the donut holes.

It was such a fun wedding and we absolutely loved our time spent at the Homestead that weekend.  Thank you, Ruth and Steve, for having us out to document your wedding, and congratulations on your marriage!

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  1. Reverend Maggie

    To Ruth and Steve, what a terrific way to remember your beautiful,elegant wedding. Just looking at the photos reminds me again what a fabulous evening you planned to celebrate your nuptials. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it! Rev. Maggie

    To Anne and Bill, this diary of the event is a wonderful way to capture the wedding weekend. Your commentary is delightful (and informative) and the pictures are splendid. Of course now I really want to know what the bridesmaids put in that wedding suite!

    Congratulations to Ruth and Steve may you enjoy many yeras of happiness together!


  2. Lisa

    Steve and Ruth,

    what a wonderful keepsake for a beautiful event. You both look so happy… Glad we could share it with you.

  3. Deborah Raviv

    Steve, great pictures. The wedding looks like it was beautiful. Congratulations!

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