Our first wedding of the year was actually originally supposed to happen in 2009. Those of you on the East Coast will remember the storm around Christmastime that stranded thousands all along the seaboard. Charlottesville received nearly two feet of snow, which created a small challenge for the wonderfully relaxed Carrie and Ken–how to get their guests to their wedding? Given that even snowplows were getting stuck in the ditches, they decided to move their wedding back a couple of weeks, where everyone could travel more safely, and where they could celebrate with all of the original people attending. This originally meant for our dear friend Rob Garland to photograph their wedding, but they moved their wedding to a date he already had a commission, so we were very happy to help out.

We all gathered at the beautiful Prince Michel Vineyards north of Madison for the evening ceremony held in the Barrel Room downstairs. They had an almost exclusively candle-lit ceremony which really set an intimate mood for the evening’s festivities. Carrie’s mom had worked hard to design and implement some of the decor for the candles surrounding the ceremony site as well as the table decorations for dinner that evening, and it really showed.  During the ceremony, the couple wrote vows very unique to them and part of which elicited knowing chuckles from those in attendance. They also had each of their brothers perform a reading as well as two soloists before they were pronounced husband and wife and joyously ran down the aisle.

Check out some of our favorites from the wedding below, then log in to view all of the images from their wedding. The password is Carrie’s maiden name, and is case-sensitive.

Their guests enjoyed a relaxing stationed dinner put together by Gil Zentgraf, who also had a panini station with the most tasty little sandwich quarters ever! They were soooo good. Everyone got a good laugh later in the evening when Ken’s brother thanked everyone, “for coming this time” and both brothers offered funny anecdotes during their toast. After the toasts, they enjoyed mother/son as well as father/daughter dances, and Carrie surprised her dad by selecting a lullaby that he had sung to her when she was very young. Just about everybody hit the dance floor after that, save for a brief break for delicious cupcakes with just the right amount of frosting, made by a dear friend of theirs.

It was a fantastic evening, full of mirth and I was grateful to be a part of the celebration. Congratulations, Carrie and Ken, on your marriage (finally!) :-).

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  1. Bill and Mary Alice Jansen

    Hello Ken and Carrie
    Just wanted to say Best Wishes to you both.

    After just celebrating 50 yrs. of marriage, we can tell you not to let a ‘little snow in your life’ to bother you!!

    Hope to you see you at our country
    very soon.
    Love and Congratulations,
    Bill and Mary Alice

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