Happy Friday! FAB Finds is on a short break so that we can share more NZ images with you.

On our way south to Kaikoura, the curvy ocean highway is full of amazing views, but one of the coolest sights has to be the fur seal colony that hang out on the rocks about 15 minutes outside of town on SH1.  The New Zealand Fur Seal,  found only on the coasts of NZ and Australia, can be seen up close and personal from Ohau Point and we weren’t the only shutterbugs watching over them from the safety of our elevated vantage point beside the road. Needless to say, they are super cute, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves! 🙂

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So does not look so comfortable, eh?

Why hello to you, too.

One of the reasons for the large seal colony near Kaikoura is the ocean shelf that rises almost vertically to meet the shoreline, resulting in millions of pounds of plankton along the shore. This plankton of course attracts other fish (and whales) and as a result, seals.

This one apparently wanted the other guy’s sleeping rock. They all looked uncomfortable to us.

So maybe Kiwis don’t love their street signs, but they sure do like their road signs and we saw several fun ones on our travels on both islands.

They are all about telling it like it is. Love that!

Their speed limit signs. Yes, that 100 kilometers, not miles, per hour. Oh, well. PS – “It’s not a target.”

Some like these, weren’t on actual roads.

See outside the Kiwi Bird experience.

A reminder to stay on the paths at Wai-O-Taupo, the geo-thermal playground in the North Island. No problem.

And some just spoke for themselves.

This beer ad cracked us up for a good 10 minutes while we were sitting in traffic. Click on it make it larger, but it reads: “3.5% (alcohol) So there’s a 96.5% chance of not being ‘that guy’ at the Christmas party.”

Um, a bargain? Perhaps in US dollars…?!

Seen at a bungee jumping facility.

Still more to come next week. You won’t want to miss Paradise and Angela & Webster’s portrait session, for sure!

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