To see all the images from this wedding, view their complete gallery here. The password, which is case-sensitive, is Mandy’s last name.

We’re so happy to celebrate the happy wedding of Mandy and Laurence today! Bill recently documented their  lovely, intimate ceremony with their close-knit families at our local fave Clifton Inn.

This super sweet couple decided to see each other in Mandy’s suite prior to the ceremony, and she mentioned to Bill afterwards at just how nice and what a stress-reliever it was to have shared a few private moments with her soon-to-be-husband before walking down the aisle.

During their ceremony, a dear friend of theirs played the piano, singing a solo. Their Jack Russell Paddington, in attendance as the official flower dog, impromptu volunteered backup vocals to everyone’s amusement and Mandy’s periodic, quiet, yet increasingly desperate shushing. Get that dog a contract!

Following their ceremony, everyone strolled downstairs to the inn’s cellar for a leisurely dinner to wrap up the evening. They insisted that Bill join them for dinner and well, it’s dining at the Clifton Inn. How do you refuse that? Well, you don’t! (And Anne promises not to hold it against him. 😉 ) What a nice, relaxing time, and we’re so happy to have been a part of it all.

The fab team:
Venue and catering: Clifton Inn
Flowers: Pat’s Floral Designs

Congratulations, Mandy & Laurence! We wish you nothing but the best!


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  1. PAUL

    yep! the dog stole the show!just kidding! But your new wife did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mandy Balagot

    All I can say is WOW! Laurence woke me at 5 this morning after he checked his email on his blackberry. He immediately ran downstairs to get the laptop to take a look…it felt like Christmas! And yet again, you have delivered. We are just in awe. Thank you so much.

  3. Janethe

    Gorgeous Pics Mandy & Laurence

    Wishing you both happiness, prosperity and good health.

    Love & Miss You,

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