Okay, so it’s pretty darn cool having a one-and-a-half year old nephew close by with which we can hang out, read stories, bang drums (especially when mom and dad are around) and generally cause mischief and fun. We had a chance to baby-sit Bobby one recent weekday and took him to the park near Anne and her brother’s childhood home for cookies and playtime.

Here are a few images we’ve been neglectful in sharing, and were taken a few weeks prior during one of Andy & Jen’s visit to our house for the weekend. As you can see, it was nearing bedtime for Bobby.

…aunt a & uncle b

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  1. Yipppeeeeeee! Love the photos. Babysit anytime 😀

  2. Most of the pictures are, as one would expect of professional photographers and handsome babies, perfect. But the second picture captures a certain subtle demonic characteristic of Bobby missing in the others. Well done

  3. I love these pictures! Bobby has such captivating eyes. He’s gonna be a little heartbreaker one of these days! Too bad MJ’s already got a claim on him.
    One & a half is such a fun age. Thanks for sharing these!!!

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