So yesterday was the last day I woke up as a 39 year old. Yup, I’ve hit the big time folks. The big 4-0 or as I like to call it the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday. Anywho, even though technically the whole day is my birthday, I wasn’t born until 1:05 in the afternoon (yup, wasn’t an early bird even then!) so I was going to enjoy enough every last minute of being 39 until it was official and I could no longer ignore the fact that Madison Avenue no longer cared about me.

I offer this bit of background to illustrate why I make myself wait until closer to the end of the day to open my gifts. Bill is like a kid on Christmas morning (so cute!) and usually has my gift wrapped (if it’s one that can be wrapped, that is) and can’t wait for me to open it first thing. Well, generally I like to not be blurry eyed when I open gifts, so that alone means I should probably wait until at least the afternoon! It also doesn’t hurt if I happen to have a glass or two of sangria in me which, because the Mexican celebration of their victory over France in the 1862 Battle of Puebla was kind enough to fall on my future birthday, isn’t hard to make happen. (Although I’d love to know why I hadn’t heard of this “drinking holiday” back when I was in college. Thanks for finally jumping on that marketing bandwagon, Corona!)

Well, one of my awesome gift this year from my even awesome-er husband may be a reason to change my future ways. After a wonderful dinner at Mas, followed by a quiet movie night at home, I finally allowed myself to open the gift bag that had been keeping my Peonies company on the kitchen table. I had to do it soon anyway, as it was almost midnight and and I certainly didn’t want it (or me!) to turn into a un-birthday pumpkin. Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag to see my Ace of Cakes book showing through the red tissue paper. Huh?! Well, I know I said I didn’t want you to spend a lot of money, honey, but geez, giving me something I already own?!

My love for Duff and his fabulous crew has been well documented in FAB Finds and for a fun giveaway we did a little while back (they also created Kathleen & Kyle’s amazing cakes, whose photos you’ll see in those blog posts) so I tentatively turned the first couple of pages, not sure what I was looking for exactly, when it jumped out at me. There, on the title page – Duff’s shiny silver autograph on MY book. (How’d he know I always adore a little bling?) But, it got even better, not only had Duff signed it, but the entire staff did, too! There was Elena’s sig complete with adorable kitty face accompaniment and Geoff’s {{swoon}} and Anna’s with a heart!! (Willie, Duff’s sweet brother and co-writer had already signed it for us thanking us for the photos they used in the book from k&k’s wedding.) OMG! So. Very. Cool.

Thank you, thank you, my love! My only wish is that I had opened it earlier so I could jump and dance around with it all day. You may just make an early morning gift receiver out of me yet! :-*


PS – And a HUGE thank you to the CCC crew who all took the time to sign my book, especially to Mary Alice for spearheading it. THANK YOU!!!!

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  1. Jealous! Brilliant gift!!! Happy 40 gurl – welcome to this special club!!

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