Happy Friday everyone! We’re delighted to share Caren & Ed’s wedding images with you. Check it out, enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend! (Caren & Ed, we have a little special something just for the two of you down at the bottom.) Want more? You can check out the complete set of wedding images here. The password, which is case-sensitive, is Caren’s maiden name.

The dream team
Venue and Catering: Hotel Monaco
Planning: Teresa of Rex & Regina
Floral design: Rebecca of Petal’s Edge
Baker: Lara of Fluffy Thoughts Cakes
DJ: Ray with Chris Laich Music

Two different perspective of the same portrait, the first by Anne…

And the second by Bill. Behold the power of f/1.2. Can everyone say bokeh? Go ahead, say it with me.

We love Hotel Monaco’s logo. So fitting.

Deb & Marc, whose wedding Bill shot waaaayyyy back in 2006!

Even their adorable cats made a virtual appearance later in the evening!

We love that not having a glass in-hand didn’t stop their niece from giving it her all during a toast.

We had more kids with SLRs at this wedding than at any other. Seriously. And I’m pretty sure they came up with some darn good stuff.

Dear c&e,

The two of you epitomize the meaning of family and of generosity. When we walked with you into Hotel Monaco’s lobby on your wedding day to your family members spontaneously standing and cheering for you, we knew we were in for a fun-loving evening. And yes, while perhaps it seemed like utter torture for the littlest of your party to stand for a brief portrait, the terror didn’t last too long and we’re pretty sure we caught a few of them having a rather rollicking good time later in the evening. They were all so happy for you both and we don’t think we’ve ever seen so many little shutterbugs! Too cute.

You were so gentle with each other that day, simply letting everything wash over you and just going with the flow. We don’t recall a more sublimely relaxed couple in recent memory and if there was any stress that day, simply being around you was enough to wash it away. Ed. Seriously. You rocked it by arriving for your own wedding in your sweet, shiny black Alfa. And Caren, the look on your face when your girl friends surprised you with that Chorus Line song and dance routine of Singular Sensation all lined up across the width of the dance floor, well, that it just made our night to see that huge smile on your face. And how could one forget the empty cans of Whiskers cat food tied with twine to the door knob to your honeymoon suite, a nod to your two adorable cats?

We’re so grateful to you for the opportunity to capture those tiny little moments you shared with your parents and with each other. Oh, and that coffee! It’s good to have friends like yours. Your friend is a master roaster and we were sorry to have already gone through all of those beans. It’s been a tasty way to start the morning of late. So thank you for making us feel so welcome, and part of your vast and kind family. We felt right at home.


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  1. Jennifer Worth


    These wonderful images really bring back the celebration for me. Ed & Caren, I’m so very glad that you have such precious moments so well preserved for future gazing!

    Congratulations, again!


  2. Andi Cohen

    Caron and Ed…….these beautiful pictures serve to show what a wonderful wedding you two had and how happy you two are together. I wish you a lifetime of love,happiness, health and FUN!!!!

    Love you!!

    The Crazy Aunt

  3. Caren Gordon Cohen

    Anne and Bill,

    The pictures are wonderful! You have captured so many fabulous images of the day.

    We were so excited to have you photograph the wedding in advance of the event based on your portfolio of work and our lovely time together over a glass of wine. Spending the day with you only confirmed the excellent judgment of our choice. It was delightful to hang out with you throughout the pre-game show and the big event. Seeing the beautiful pictures now is simply icing on the cake. Of course, I do love icing!

    Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing the whole batch, but much appreciate this glimpse and your lovely note.

    With hugs,

    Caren and Ed

  4. Teresa Lee

    Anne & Bill,

    The photos from Caren & Ed’s wedding are absolutely incredible! You were such a pleasure to work with — consummate professionals and, to Caren & Ed’s point above, a delight to spend the day with!

    You’ve captured above the sweetness of Caren & Ed’s wedding, through which we were all impressed by the generous, caring, and fun-loving nature of both the couple and their family and friends.

    Waiting with bated breath for the rest of the photos which I know will tell the beautiful story of Caren & Ed’s wedding!


  5. Raysa and Laura

    Caren and Ed what beautiful pictures, we are so happy that your wedding was a dream come true. We are very happy for you and your family.Best of wishes for ever and ever filled with Health, Love and Happiness Thank you for sharing them.
    The ladies from Paradise of Beauty,
    Laura and Raysa.

  6. Judi

    These pictures are not just a beautiful memory of a wonderful wedding, and the two terrific people we all celebrated, but truly works of art. I applaud both the photographers and the happy couple.

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