‘Tis the season, ya’ll! Friday’s FAB Finds takes a break this week so we can bring you some Taylor & Rob gorgeousness! This absolutely delightful couple was married the UVa Chapel and held their lovely reception at Keswick Hall. Once again too many great moments and details to include in just one post so check back later this afternoon for Part II!

Their entire wedding is now posted on their personal online gallery! You can choose your favorites, order prints or digital files, or create an album as you like. The password is Taylor’s maiden name, and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!

Yea for happy, happy brides!

Yea for dancing brides! We’re noticing a trend here and we kinda like it! ;-D

The name Augusta has very special meaning to Taylor & Rob so it was extra sweet that was the name of their suite.

The guys all did a shot of Jefferson Bourbon in honor of Thomas Jefferson. Very fitting for a Charlottesville wedding.

Then headed out to the world-famous White Spot. 🙂

We can’t remember the last time we had a bride in sunglasses. Guess we don’t do enough beach weddings! 😉

We love that Taylor literally bounded across the lawn toward her man for their first sight!

Bridesmaid Shannon Leahy is an incredible event planner out in Northern California who also knows another one of our brides getting married this Fall. Small world, eh? It’ll be so fun to get to see her again.

Arriving in style at Keswick!

Dear t&r,

What exuberance! What passion! One need only look to your wedding celebration to note you both have taken those adjectives to be your own, wrapping yourselves in the joy of your day. We knew, from that afternoon we got together for your engagement portraits, that this day would be touching yet fun, elegant yet festive. You and your families made us feel so welcome, it was impossible to wipe away the broad smiles from our faces at night’s end.

It was clear the importance you placed on your loved ones, whether they be family or friends, throughout the day. Rob, you took your groomsmen for a nostalgic lunch out to the White Spot; and Taylor, you enjoyed personalized champagne (through a straw, no less!) with your bridesmaids to everyone’s delight. It was so fun you both wore your cowboy boots for your special dances in a nod to your Texas heritage, and the way you (and all your guests, for that matter) tossed away your inhibitions like a bad habit when you hit the dance floor that night. It was a blast for us, and we were delighted to be a part of it. Thank you so much, and a hearty congratulations to you both!


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  1. adam barnes

    love it!! love the moments when the couple first sees one another… always my favorite!

  2. stittdude

    Happy people, great shots! Hmmm, I think I know the inspiration for the “backsides on diner stools” shot.

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  4. Nancy Clemens

    The Best! You captured the highlights of an attractive couple… Taylor & Rob and their exquisite wedding. Fabulous photography!

    The Clemens Family
    Lake Forest, IL.

  5. Bill and Rhonda Strelke

    Creatively beautiful wedding pictures that Rob and Taylor will treasure. Well done!

  6. Danielle

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! I’m glad Taylor and Rob will have such amazing pictures to treasure their very special day! Thanks for capturing so many small but significant memories.

  7. Shelley

    My hear was so full of joy for both of you that day! Seeing you married made Brian and I so happy, and seeing these photos of that wonderful day makes me smile until it aches. My heart is filled with joy.
    Thank you for including us in your special day.

  8. Meme and Papa

    Taylor and Rob,

    We are at my brother Dentler’s house, and we looked at all the wedding pictures. Wish,
    wish, wish we could do it all over again. It was so much fun! I will never be able to
    be a part of something so elegant again.

    We love you,
    Meme and papa

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