We have a two-fer for you today! Cristina and Sid enjoyed a large and fun wedding ceremony and reception near Sid’s family’s home in India a few months ago, but didn’t get as many portraits as they would have liked in their Indian wedding attire, so (lucky us!) they wanted to include some within their “engagement” session, plus a few in Western dress prior to their stateside wedding next month. So we headed out one recent weekend afternoon to the beautiful Veritas Vineyards for the first part of their session, and were completely wowed with what they were wearing! We had amazing light and, combined with this relaxed and gorgeous couple, just had a blast. In fact, Anne is pretty sure she now want’s to renew our vows in India, primarily so she can wear attire like this! Is that allowed?! ;-D

(Special thanks to Lucinda Riley of Face Value Studio for Cristina’s fabulous hair and make-up!)

Want more? You can check out the entire portfolio of their engagement session here. The password is Cristina’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

{{swoon}} One of Anne’s favorites that Bill took! Cristina is just stunning!

After Veritas, we headed over the beautiful UVa grounds for the second part of their session.

Anne grabbed this shot through the gorgeous Magnolia tree’s and it’s one of Bill’s favorites from the day! She was on fire and captured so many sweet and sexy moments between c&s.

Congratulations, you two! We can not wait for your U.S. wedding next month!


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  1. Wow!! Beautiful! C+S are such an amazing couple. Can’t wait for next month!

  2. GORGEOUS pictures! Cristina and Sid look amazing!

  3. Tha pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank You!!!

  4. You guys out-did yourselves… so beautiful! and I love her Indian clothing… great color & texture.

  5. Beautiful pictures and fabulous Indian wedding outfit! I want a Indian wedding too!

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