Happy Friday! Since Summer is officially over (A says yea, B says boo, but since A is writing this, she automatically wins – YEA for sweater weather!), FAB Find’s has finally come back from vacay and will be making periodic appearances when we’ve found some fun FAB Finds to share with you! We’ve still got lots of awesome late Summer and Fall weddings to share with you, so FAB may step aside every now and then to make room for some great real wedding action, too. 🙂

Ideas We Love – Photo Booth Props

So now that you’re getting SnapHappy, you might want to supplement your photo booth fun with props! Here are just a few super cute ideas sure to get your guests out of their seats!

Chalkboard Quote Bubbles

I saw these a while back on one of the wedding blogs and couldn’t wait to share them with you. Just think of the possibilities! Sweet wishes from Gramma, dueling chalkboard quotes and proof of which one of your groomsmen was clearly knocked out of the first round in the Spelling Bee!

Photo courtesy of Photojojo

Photo courtesy of Photojojo

Photo courtesy of Photojojo

Photo courtesy of Photojojo

You can buy them pre-made from Photojojo….or if you’re feeling especially crafty (or thrifty), you can make your own! Seriously, they could not be more easy. Check out the directions here! Thanks to Jordan Fereney of the lovely Oh Happy Day! blog for the tips! (Did you know they make chalkboard contact paper?! That is seriously cool!)

Photo courtesy of Oh Happy Day!

Photo courtesy of Oh Happy Day!

Smitten Sticks!

Nikki & Josh used Smitten Sticks! in their homemade fabric back-dropped Polaroid photobooth at their wedding this past May.

The ever fabulous Pam Barefoot and her fantastic team got in on the action, too!

LOVE these custom made bow-tie sticks!

Photo courtesy of Lara Casey via Smitten Sticks! FB Fan Page

You can find Smitten Sticks! where else, on Etsy of course! See what those fabulous ladies can create just for you. 🙂

Smitten Sticks! and the Chalk Board Quote Bubbles are some of the more well documented photo props on the wedding blogs, but there are a wide range of possibilities. Just check out Etsy for some more great options such as these:

(click on each pic to be taken directly to their Etsy page)

Glasses on a Stick!

Photo courtesy of MaroDesigns via Etsy

Beard on a Stick!

Photo courtesy of MaroDesigns via Etsy

Bowties and Neckties on a Stick!

Photo courtesy of whimzycreations via Etsy

More hot pink lips on a Stick!

Photo courtesy of whiskerworks via Etsy

Of course, feather boas, funky hats and big sunglasses are obvious and hilarious choices, but how about setting out bubbles, mardi gras beads or empty antique art frames for your guests to play with. We’d LOVE to see those pics! If you want props that are more unique (ie. your friends are unlikely to have in their wedding photo booth), add props that personify you both as individuals and/or as a couple. How about foam fingers from your favorite sports team(s), if you love going to the circus when it’s in town, how about some clown wigs and noses? You could also use your favorite stuffed animals from when you were kids, or if you’re going to Hawaii for your honeymoon, how about Hawaiian Lei’s? Truly the possibilities are endless – you and your guests are guaranteed to have fun with whatever props you choose even if if you decide to not use any, as guests will often make their own! Trust us on that one. 🙂

Happy Weekend, ya’ll!