Happy Friday everyone! We’re delighted to share with you Kate and Travis’s wedding held at the beautiful, historic Willard Hotel in downtown Washington, DC. Everything was just stunningly beautiful, but we all got an interesting surprise just as the reception started. You can see below a little of the story behind a quick change in plans and bit of a delay. But the party was not to be tamed, as you’ll see.

The FAB team:

Venue and catering: Willard Hotel
Florist: Greenworks Florist
Hair styling: Hair by Gisele
Make-up: Leah McKay
Reception entertainment: Derek Romanoff (A special shout-out here to Derek, who not only was incredibly calming, but kept the party going at the Marriott with not much more than an iPod, after we all had to leave our gear when evacuating the Willard.)

You can view the complete wedding and order prints as you desire. Just follow the link and enter Kate’s maiden name as the password (it’s case-sensitive).

Nothing like a little sisterly love. Maybe even a little southern grab, as it were.

Kate’s maid of honor broke up a little during her reading. It was so sweet.

Announced…let the party start!

Or maybe in just a bit. We don’t normally see these folks below at our weddings! There was an electrical explosion underneath the Willard and W Hotels (which comprise that block), which required evacuation of everyone in both buildings after the happy couple had just been announced into their reception.

You can see the smoke rising from behind the W.

People made the most of it, and the string quartet, doing a great job of improvisation, entertained the guests as twilight set. Bill loves the shot two below that Annie captured with the couple dancing with the Willard’s kitchen staff and quartet in the background.

We’re off to the Marriott’s bar to hang out while firemen put out the electrical fire.

After hanging out at the bar for a while, the good folks at the JW Marriott opened up an empty event room where Derek was able to hook up his iPod and the party continued at the surprise change of venue until we could return to the Willard.

Finally heading back toward the Willard about three hours later for toasts, a late dinner, and more dancing!

Dear k&t,

Wow, what a wedding you two had–you mixed classic Southern charm with some big-city excitement at your wedding! It wasn’t but seconds after your announcement into your reception that firemen appeared to coordinate a hotel-wide evacuation. That was, admittedly, a first for us, and probably the first time you had seen anything like it as well. The aplomb you demonstrated that evening while we all patiently waited outside, your string quartet making the most of it by playing on Pershing Park’s sidewalk for your guests during the waning minutes of twilight, and our temporary move across the street to continue your celebration was just a few of the things that made your wedding what it was–a truly special and memorable event.

Additionally, we especially loved the touch of Travis having three bottles of Dom engraved marking three important points in your relationship as a surprise to you Kate–what a great way to remember all the experiences that brought you to each point in your life.  And it’s not every day we get to witness such outpourings of emotion by a close friend during a ceremony reading. These things, plus the touching and perhaps partly extemporaneous toasts made your wedding so memorable for us. We’re grateful we were able to be a part of it and to document it in its entirety for you. And it’s not everyone who gets quoted in the Washington Post regarding their wedding! 🙂 Thank you so much, and congratulations!!


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