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People We Love AND Invitations We Love – Lilywillow Paper & Press
A special two-fer FAB find today! We found Lilywillow, and thus Lilywillow’s founder and uber-talented designer of Lilywillow, when she did the invitations for Marcie and Garret’s sweet plantation wedding in Richmond a few years ago. We absolutely loved their custom-designed invitations. Not only were they gorgeous, but they captured m&g and their wedding to a “t”.

Shortly after their wedding, Blake contacted us about using some of photographs I took of them in the buttercup grove at Tuckahoe on their wedding day on her web site. We, of course, said yes and thus a wonderful relationship was born. We were so impressed with her work, her attention to detail and her responsiveness. In addition to having Lilywillow on our recommended vendor’s list ever since, we’ve turned to Blake several times over the years when we’ve needed some professional design services.

I was perusing her lovely little blog, Mowing the Driveway, (how cute is that name, by the way?! :)) a little while back and among the many cool designs she’s done for couples, one in particular made me swoon. Check out this gorgeous suite she did that were inspired by the bride’s teal suede shoes! I *love* the teal ink color with the kraft brown paper and simple single red heart indicating the location of the wedding. Simply stunning!

And another reason we love Blake – her sense of humor! The reply card in this suite was especially charming. Check out the responses:

Please Respond by September 1st, 2010

_ We’ll be there with bells on

_ We’ll be there free of bells

_ We’ll be there…undecided on bells

_ We’ll not be there…Heard there will be people wearing bells

_ We’ll not be there…Regardless of the bell controversy

Pure awesomeness. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a great designer, you’ll want to give Blake a ring or drop her a note. We’re sure she’d love to hear from you!

One of the projects we had her help us with was our 2009 Postcards desk calendar to coincide with the launch of our Postcards travel section of our website. We sent her several of our travel photos from some of our favorite places that we wanted to use and gave her some guidelines as to the look and feel we wanted and let her run with it. Needless to say, we LOVED the results the calendars were a BIG hit among our clients, colleagues and friends.

And, of course,  we couldn’t leave  you to start your fabulous weekend with out sharing Marcie & Garrett’s sweet invite and programs. 🙂

Have a FAB weekend!!


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