We’re sure you’ve read the first part about Maya & Josh’s wedding as well as the post about all their details, but if not go take a look, come back for more teary moments and wide smiles below!

This is one of Bill’s favorite frames that Anne captured. In fact he broke up a bit when he saw it. Powerful stuff.

More fun with props!

It turned out to be a huge hit among the wedding-dress-set. Remember these fun ones from Part 1?? Maybe not so much for the suit-wearing-set. 😉


LOTS of laughs…

and even some tears during the toasts.

Josh’s dance with his mom was so incredibly touching. Tears flowed everywhere.

Enter the photo booth! You’ll be seeing more of Tori and Nick, the guy on the far left and girl in the red-framed glasses, next year when it’s THEIR turn. Can’t wait, you two!

Post cake-cutting smooch.

You might recognize Shannon who was a bridesmaid in Taylor & Rob’s wedding. So fun getting to see her and her beau Joe again!

Between the white, lit, balls above and the white dance floor  below, we were in soft, reflected light heaven. Yum.

No way this dude was slowing down just for an ice cream cone.

Dancing around the toss bouquet? Sounds good to us!

Um. Cool! But ouch.

Congratulations, m&j!! We had SO much fun with you both and can’t wait to see you again soon!


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  1. lora

    This looks like such a blast of a wedding! love the shot of the girl doing the splits!

  2. Shannon Leahy

    That was the best dance party ever! Amazing job capturing all the little moments at this special day!

  3. erika

    can you guys throw me a party this fab!?

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