Happy, happy Friday! We have another fabulous real wedding for you today. Maya & Josh’s wedding day at one of our favorite venues, Glenview Mansion, started out with tons of grins, and just kept going. You’ll see what we mean. We’re SO happy to be sharing their wedding with you, in three parts, no less. Yup, we just couldn’t narrow our favorites down anymore. Keep coming back as we post more later today. First up, a little getting ready, first sight, portraits and the ceremony!

Also check out a post devoted just to their fab details, and another one for their reception.

If you’re ready, click here to see the entire gallery of images! The password is Maya’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!

a.dor.able flower girl.

We’ve had some seriously happy brides, but Maya just seemed to be shining from every cell in her being. Love.

She was rockin’ her gorgeous J.Crew dress, too!

So cute in his little bow tie. Guess he wasn’t so sure, though.

Yup, Anne LOVED the ring bearer!! Bet Caroline of the lovely Paloma’s Nest didn’t have that specific use in mind when she designed her gorgeous ring bearer bowls.

Check out this series of Maya and her dad just before he escorts her down the aisle that Anne captured. So touching.

So sweet…Josh had already seen her yet he was still overcome with emotion watching Maya walk down the aisle with her Dad. Love his best man looking on, too.

The ceremony was filled with lots of laughs…

…and tears. Love this shot Bill captured of Josh’s Mom.

We love the officiant while Maya tried getting Josh’s ring on. He seems so concerned!

Best. Kiss. 2010!


Dear m&j,

If there existed an award for most effusive grins, you two would be winning it hands down. In fact, we think we should create this award today on the spot, and you’ll be the inaugural winners of this traveling trophy. You really set the mood early on when you were both wiping away tears upon first seeing each other prior to your ceremony. And we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for your wedding at Glenview Mansion, although it may have appeared to have been a little warm judging from the effort it took to put the ring onto Josh’s finger! Teddy would have been proud. 🙂

During the reception we don’t know if more people could have fit into your photo booth! And why not limit use of the props to just the booth when you can bring big-as-your-head sunglasses on the dance floor, right? That dance floor was packed! Everyone was having so much fun, including your intrepid photographers who braved the scrum!

We knew when we finally get to meet you both in person that you two were not only perfect for each other, but you were a perfect fit for us. Even a power outage and the wind storm of the century in Silver Spring couldn’t break us up that day. Simply put, we couldn’t wait for your wedding. We were thrilled to have been there for you and had a fantastic time with you, your family and friends. We laughed, we cried. We ate cake. Doesn’t get any better than that. We hope you love your photos as much as we do. Thanks so much for having us out and congratulations on your wonderful marriage!


Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3 later today!

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  1. Ulysses

    Awww, Bill & Annie, I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done for this beautiful couple. The photography is so honest and heartfelt. I can tell how much of yourselves you put into each and every frame. What an adorable couple! They won’t be able to help but fall in love all over again and again when they see these. Bravo!

  2. hollandphotoarts

    Thank you SO much, u&j!!! We can’t tell you how much your sweet comment means to us. Truly. xoxo…a&b

  3. Lance Walker


  4. Janelle

    LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful photos!

  5. adam

    you guys never cease to amazing me… beautiful! & the bride is absolutely perfect.

  6. Janice

    Gorgeous pictures Maya and Josh! Congratulations on a life time filled with much joy!

  7. Ericka

    No words….the entire day was priceless !! M&J made a gorgeous wedding day couple and the ring bearer/flower girl were kinda adorable 😉

    The biased mom of the kids

  8. Ericka

    Just looked at the pics again from a real computer (instead of my phone). I still got choked up… LOVELY!!

  9. Sharron Simpson

    The best wedding pics I’ve ever seen – an awesome set of pictures. Sure wish I’d been there, and these pics were the next best thing for me. They captured how much Josh and Maya really LIKE each other. Thank you.

  10. erika

    absolutely gorgeous!!!

  11. roman

    these look great!! congrats again!

  12. Congrats to Maya and Josh! What a beautiful celebration- and the bride and groom just shine with so much love!
    Thank you for including our Ring Bearer Bowl in your ceremony and images.

  13. Brian Miller

    Neither bride nor groom has any idea who I am but I work with Josh’s mother, Judy Ammons, and she is very proud.

    After looking at these pictures, I see why. What a lovely couple Josh and Maya are and what outstanding pictures!

    Congratulations and best wishes.

  14. hollandphotoarts

    Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments. You can see why this one deserved three posts and why it’s one of our favorites this year! Love you m&j!!…a&b

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  23. Obi

    absolutely lovely work here

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