We’ve got a fantastically emotional wedding for you today, happy people! We hope you enjoy Alisa & Brian’s celebration, presented in two parts. Once you see the images below, click here to see part 2.

When you’re ready, you can click here to view the complete gallery from their wedding. The password is Alisa’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. And if you’re looking for the Snap Happy photo booth photos, you can see them here (same password as their main gallery). Enjoy!

We love this series Anne captured of Alisa’s dad seeing her for the first time!

Their first sight at the Blue Ridge Overlook. Can’t think of a more picturesque spot.

Alisa created these charms individually for each of her bridesmaids.

Alisa & Brian see their chuppah for the very first time.

Ellie the Ring Dog gets into the spirit of Halloween before donning her ceremony attire. Since she helped Brian propose, it was only fitting that she proceed Alisa down the aisle!

Signing their ketubah…

This is Bill’s favorite, favorite, favorite shot that Anne took. Gorgeous. Brings tears to both our eyes.

Anne’s favorite shot that Bill got that day…

Moon over Veritas!

Our talented assistant Karen shot this scene setter from among the vines just after the sun set. What gorgeous light! It filled everything with this beautiful hue.

Dear a&b,

It was pretty clear from the day we all met out at Veritas, sharing wine  and getting to know one another, that we were going to have a fantastic time with you at your wedding. Alisa, the reaction you had when opening Brian’s Declaration of Love was beautiful (and Brian–bravo on the creative use of our nation’s founding document). When you saw each other that day for the first time atop the Blue Ridge Overlook at Wintergreen mountain, we too needed to wipe away some happy tears.

Your parents really went all out when it came to the surprises that day. Not only did we get to watch you get choked up again when you saw the custom-artwork created for your chuppah, showing your family tree with the two main branches coming together spread throughout. But we also got to laugh with you when you excitedly departed from your reception to hundreds of sparklers only to find a convertible Cadillac with its top down, waiting for you to hop in and ride away as husband and wife. Oh, and we can’t forget the light that blessed you that day! From your beautifully sunlit ketubah signing to your colorful sunset–we’d hardly ever seen such beautiful and vibrant colors at a wedding there at the winery. It seemed like the moment the sun dropped for the evening behind Afton Mountain there was this orange-pinkish-purplish glow that enveloped everything and everyone in pure and utter delight. It was stunning and totally set the stage for the rest of your celebration that evening. We loved the touching toast from your dad, Alisa and the song written expressly for your dog Ellie. Hilarious!

There’s love, and then there’s love. That you both embody the latter was abundantly clear to anyone near the two of you that day. Thank you so much for the honor of documenting your wedding! We had an absolute blast and we hope you enjoy reliving the day through the photos. (Shhh….don’t tell anyone, but they’re some of our favorite moments from this year!)

…the other a&b 😉

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  1. steve b

    I didn’t think it possible for a photographer to capture the love and special time that all had at your wedding — i was wrong —these pictures are absolutely perfect.. LOVE and SPECIAL MOMENTS everywhere….
    We were honored to be part of it all !

  2. hollandphotoarts

    Thank you so much, Steve. It was an incredible day for sure. xoxo…

  3. Daniel Davidow

    Bill & Anne,
    I knew you were great photographers, but now I see you are true artists. Your eye, timing, composition and enhancements are unbelievable! I would tell anyone to fly you to wherever their celebration will be, if they want THE BEST there is.

    People are saying these look more like a magazine shoot than wedding photos. Where can I get one of those cameras that makes everyone look good, like you have?

    Thanks for being there for us and allowing us to have a permanent recall of the magical moments and the emotions of Alisa & Brian’s big day!


    1. hollandphotoarts

      Daniel, thank you so much for your heartfelt note. We almost always have to ship out prints to our clients instead of seeing them in person when they see their images for the first time. It’s something we really miss. But reading notes like yours helps us feel so much of that which might have otherwise been missed. It’s incredibly appreciated, and we’re absolutely thrilled you and your families are loving everything. Enjoy looking through them when the prints arrive!

  4. Julia Forneris

    Having known my wonderful friend Alisa since we were two years old…I can honestly say I haven’t ever seen her this radiant. And anyone who knows her can attest, that’s saying something since she always has a smile and a happiness that emanates throughout any room.

    Breathtaking photographs!

  5. Bob Belstock

    Now I know the players other than the father of the bride. Looks like beautiful setting for bride and groom. Some of the men appeared to be wearing yamikas. Was this conservative or reform wedding?
    Best wishes to bride and groom.

  6. Bob Belstock

    Mazel Tov to all.

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