We recently shot our very last wedding of 2010, held with twenty or so family and friends two days after Christmas at a small historic church in nearby Waynesboro, followed by relaxed cocktails at beautiful Veritas Vineyards. While the weather was insanely cold that day, it didn’t deter Jessica & Adam at all. Enjoy!

You can also view the complete gallery from their wedding. The password is Jessica’s maiden name.

Don’t you just love this moment? Jessica’s putting a little lip balm on the ring bearer’s lips and the flower girl’s getting in there close to inspect and make sure Jessica does it right.

It was waaaay cold, and oh, so windy. Note Jessica’s veil as she entered the church.

Dear j&a,

There’s a certain elegance to intimate weddings that we love, and yours was one that exhibited all the reasons why a couple might choose one. So many of your family members stepped in to help make the day a special one for you both; neither of you were terribly worried about sticking with a schedule because there really wasn’t one; you were up for anything, including heading outside in the frigid cold because you knew it’d make for some great portraits; and above all, you just sat and enjoyed the moment. That, more than anything, made your wedding so much fun and thoroughly enjoyable for me to document for you.

There was a real intimacy you showed with your family, such as that moment Jessica, between you and your mom after your ceremony that just melted hearts. Thank you so much–it was wonderful spending the afternoon with you.

b (& a)

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