Happy Monday! So we’re hard at work on some great and fun Best Of posts for you all, including a few FAB Finds(!), but first up we wanted to share some info that may be helpful to those of you planning your wedding. A sweet tip, if you will. So take it away, Bill…

Are you thinking you could do bicep curls with your two-inch thick wedding notebook, stuffed to the gills with clippings, notes, and other miscellany? Wondering if you could market this as a new exercise video to newly engaged women? Some of you love the tangible feeling of paper, shifting back and forth and laying out sheets on the floor to view them. (Admittedly, Anne is very much a paper gal while I prefer maintaining things electronically). If you’re tired of the dead tree scene though, and have a smartphone or tablet, there might be an easier way.

We’ve used Evernote for quite some time to store wine labels and notes from tastings with friends, restaurant recommendations, to-do lists, shopping notes, copies of important receipts, ideas for the blog, you name it. It’s handy, always with us (even when away from an internet connection), and easy to find information via sorting or filtering based on tags you create. It even has OCR (optical character recognition) for documents of which you take photos with your smartphone so you can search the document later on.

So it’s natural to think of new ways in which the free (premium available for a fee) service can be used in your wedding planning.  Check out this one bride’s story about how she used Evernote to plan her wedding (includes a link to her shared inspiration notebook), and another about how a cake baker maintained wedding client preferences using the same service. Another wedding planner has incorporated Evernote in her clients notes. And for other photographers out there, while we’ll never replace ShootQ as our primary planning database, Evernote has proven useful in various notes associated with a shoot.

We’d love to hear your experiences if you’ve already used Evernote (or something similar) or feedback if you decide to try it out!


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