We had friends over for the first time this past weekend for brunch (such fun!) and a series of  framed family photos in our dining room caught their eye. Two in particular, inherited prints that were taken at Bill’s grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party are two of our favorite photographs, as well. One shows a three-year old Bill (talk about a cutie – love ya, ‘hon!) cuddling with his beloved grandfather while his beaming grandmother looks on and the other, Bill in rapt attention as his grandfather chats with friend. The beautiful black and white photos bring an incredible wave of emotions each time we look at them.

Bill, although he was too young to remember the event, is flooded with love and warmth towards his dear grandparents. For Anne, she is touched not only how the photographer they hired captured such a precious, tender moment between grandfather and grandson, but adores getting to see her sweet, tender husband as a sweet, tender little boy. The joy on Bill’s face as well as his grandparents, never fails to bring a tear to her eye. We are so thankful that such a special event in family history was documented – even though Bill doesn’t remember it in person and Anne didn’t live through it – because the moments were captured, they will always live on to us even though they are no longer with us. Talk about important. Talk about powerful. That photo is a large reason we chose this profession, or perhaps we should we say, it chose us. Documenting the relationships and real moments our clients have with their families is one of the most important parts of what we do, and is something we relish at each wedding and portrait session.

Bonus Tip! 😉 Our display ledges always draw viewers in. Who doesn’t love looking at friends’ family photos when visiting their home?! We most definitely do. Truly, this is one of the easiest ways to display some of your favorite photos – no nail holes and you can rotate them for different looks and swap some new faves in whenever you want. We like to have varying sizes for interest and while using all black frames would have made this arrangement more unifying, we decided we wanted to keep it more loose and include several of our favorite frames, as well, for a more personal look.

Bill’s favorite photograph of his Mom. It was taken at our wedding and captures her to a T. And the photo on the left – while Anne would have loved a more candid shot of them, she adores this photo of her parent’s in their mid-20’s taken at their wedding in 1962.

No matter how you display them, we hope your home is filled with sweet reminders of all your loved ones, past and present.


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  1. YAY! Loved those photographs (and brunch!!!). Such fun seeing you two! xoxo.

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