Happy Friday everybody! Ok, can we say how much we love Liz & Jon and their families? Talk about a love fest, and that was just with us! Such fun, such wonderful, genuine people. We loved being a part of their wedding and from the beginning, they treated us like we were part of the family.

We’ll start off today with several great moments from their rehearsal dinner, followed by some of our favorite images through their ceremony. But never worry, as we’ll return this afternoon with the rest of their gorgeous and FUN party (see part 2 here). Twelve straight hours of coverage on Saturday has literally never gone by so fast. Seriously.

Ready to view their entire gallery of wedding-day and rehearsal dinner images? The password is Liz’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.


First, though, HUGE shout out to Aimee & Danielle of A.Dominick Events & Shawn Cossette of Beehive Events. Individually, they are simply incredible. Together, their talents will blow your mind. We SO enjoyed working with these fabulous teams!

As a surprise to the couple, Jon’s mom commissioned Lara from Fluffy Thoughts to create this fantastic cake based on Jon’s old college hangout, complete with Liz & Jon lookalikes, all his house mates and what cake is complete without a kegerator?! Note the roommate hanging, literally, out of the window, as well as the one atop the roof, grilling. Because that’s, of course, what you do on a roof when you’re in college.

Jon & Liz’s Mom’s get their first look at the cake of art. Are we the only ones who think they could pass as their siblings, though? Seriously.

It was a total surprise to the couple, who just saw it for the first time in this awesome shot by Bill.

Jon’s mom also created a slideshow set to music for the couple. Huge. Hit. We’re not sure what was showing on their screen at this particular moment, but loved the reactions.

Apparently not the only image to get such a reaction. This shot was made six minutes later…

And…starting the wedding day preparation…

Killer. Shoes.

Liz grabs a glass for a quick toast.

Seriously, they’re not sisters? Love that smile!

As a surprise to Jon, Liz wore her Mom’s wedding dress! We love this quiet moment when her mom looks at it hanging just before Liz wears it her her own ceremony.

And we can see why. Just gorgeous!

Father & Daughter seeing each other.

First sight! Think they were excited to get married?

We went walk-about through downtown DC for a few minutes on our way to the museum. Fun portraits abounded.

This was awesome. This tourist group visiting the U.S. were delighted to see Liz and Jon, and several took turns posing with the enthusiastic and obliging couple. Liz and Jon were great sports as they were being “attacked”.

One of the best parts of walking in a metropolitan area with a couple on their wedding day is the reactions from passers-by. And no, he didn’t offer to share his McD’s. Hrmph.

Hee hee.

Arrived at the museum! Here we’re doing family portraits while their ring bearer patiently awaits his turn.

Ketuba signing…

We won’t reveal what was being said in the room at that particular moment, but Liz’s dad certainly didn’t appear to want to hear it!

This moment from the day is among our favorites. In it, instead of one of their officiants announcing them, Jon (unbeknownst to Liz), introduced her to everyone as his wife, much to her surprise and delight.

Remember to check back in later today for part 2 of this wonderful couple’s celebration!

Dear l&j,

Your wedding literally kicked off our own wedding season, and boy did you set the bar! It matters not to us the size of one’s party, what food was served, or what flowers were chosen. We ask only for trust and real emotion of our couples (ok, and perhaps a little lighting) so that we may simply capture their essence. You did not disappoint. You delighted us. You gave us…So. Much. To. Work. With. Wow, we loved every minute. It was clear from our engagement portrait session with you that we were going to have a great time, but when we talked further with your moms about you and your wedding, we realized that our hearts were going to be expanding tenfold by the end of the evening.

It wasn’t just the big, blow-out moments with you in front of all your guests (announcing yourselves at the conclusion of the ceremony was pretty darn cool though) and the incredible party you hosted for so many of your nearest and dearest. (Seriously though, did you guys ever leave the dance floor? Did anyone?) It was the quiet moments with your family members that really drew us in and made us feel so lucky, so blessed, to be a part of your celebration. As the quiet moments faded away to say, a huge hora dance with an almost-but-not-quite fall from a chair, a fraternity serenade complete with an unfurled collage banner (nice touch), and more dancing than you could shake a stick at, we were struck by the sheer and utter joy felt by everyone in your presence that day. We were so glad to be there, to capture it all for you. Thank you so much. Seriously. 😉


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  1. Andrea Hubbell

    Beautiful wedding, couple, and images! Can’t wait to see Part 2…

  2. Liz

    Oh. My. Goodness. Anne & Bill, thank you so much for capturing our wedding weekend with such artistry. You have my mother and me in tears this morning 🙂 Don’t worry: Happy tears! But these will be images cherished for a lifetime — not just because of the event, but because of your talent handling a camera and ability to identify the most memorable moments. We loved working with you both, and CANNOT wait to see you so soon.

  3. Kyung

    Wow! These are amazing photos! So loving, fun, and beautiful! The pictures say it all! Anne and Bill- you guys are so talented!

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