Today is a happy day here at Holland Photo Arts World HQ. Today we get to share Melanie and Dominic’s fun and funky wedding with you! These two could not have been more joyous to be around and we were so thrilled to be a part of their beautiful day. Enjoy!

The fab team:

Venue: Briar Patch B&B
Event coordinator: Henriette Buell
Officiant: Bill Cochran
Catering: Smokin’ Willy
Make-up and hair: Gustavo
Cake: Sweet Revolution (oh, and Krispy Kreme!)
Florist: Shelley’s Floral
DJ: Randy Platts of Miles Stiebel

Want more? You can view the complete gallery of all their wedding images here. The password is Melanie’s last name.

It’s not everyday you see a cat at your wedding. This of course was the B&B’s kitty, who ruled the roost with a fur paw.

Just enough time for a quick First Sight!

Melanie’s sons played important parts during the wedding. Isaac was ring bearer and Ethan helped walk his Mom down the aisle! Love this shot below that Bill captured of Dominic in mid-high five with Ethan!

He literally sprinted down the aisle! We were lucky to get a shot of his passing blurness. 🙂

So dang sweet!

We absolutely adore these shots Anne captured of sweet Ethan with his Mom.

Think her son was pretty happy? Think she was? ;-D

Don’t know what this was about, but we love it.

Fun sequence…


The cigars were a big hit.


Dominic even had special red & purple Chucks for the occasion!

Yes, that says what you think it says.

Their cake was made and decorated by a dear friend who’s also competed on Food Network’s Challenge. The design was a complete surprise to the couple. Love how she incorporated Melanie’s ink!

Any wedding automatically gets coolness points whenever there’s a Krispty Kreme mountain around.

Donuts, cigars, and red wine. A unique combination, but clearly one that works here.

Poker and black jack at a wedding? Yes, please!

The kids were really into the cake cutting. So were the adults.

Dear m&d,

It’s the little things we remember the most in life. Sure, there are the once-in-a-lifetime vacations, the new car-of-one’s-dreams, etc. But more often than not we find that it’s the simple, but not at all small, moments make the biggest difference, leaving the most indelible, mark in our hearts and memories. We’re lucky to be able to watch and listen when these moments happen at our clients’ weddings. For yours, one of those moments was just before you walked down the aisle, Melanie. Your little boy Ethan gently kissed your hand, gazed up at you, and said, “You look beautiful, Mommy!” So, so sweet. It demonstrated once again that weddings are more than just two people in love making it official. It’s truly a celebration of family, and yours epitomized that in so many ways.

We absolutely loved the way you made the day your own, serving delicious, cooked-on-the-premises BBQ, and bringing in professional card dealers for some (legal) card-playing for those who wanted to take a break from dancing. The blackjack tables in particular were well-visited, and with good reason. Everything was personal, it was you, and it was perfect. We were so honored to be there with you all. We’re pretty sure neither one of you stopped smiling all day and we truly can’t remember laughing so much at a wedding. (Usually it’s just our feet, backs and shoulders that are aching at the end of the day, but this time, our sides were!) Even the bi-polar Spring weather couldn’t get you guys down!

Thank you so much for having us up to picturesque Middleburg to celebrate with and document your wedding for you. The entire day was such a blast and we wish you both and your sweet family nothing but the best in the years to come.


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