Happy, happy Friday everyone! We’ve got a chic, NYC-inspired wedding to share with you today. Stacy and Craig’s wedding was recently held at the historic Homestead Resort near Stacy’s family, and we were lucky enough to be there to document it. We hope you enjoy some highlights from the first part of their wedding day! When you’re ready to see the celebration, view part 2.

Want even more? You can view their complete gallery here. The password is Stacy’s maiden name, and is case-sensitive.

Update: We’re happy to announce Stacy & Craig’s wedding was recently featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!

Craig wore his grandfather’s cufflinks and new watch given to him by Stacy.

First sight…

Stacy’s mom reacts to seeing them together.

Beautiful couple – inside & out! These two were a dream to photograph.

Yup, Anne might just have dress envy once again. This happens way too much. Perhaps she should seek professional help? ;-D

Dad practicing a key duty before the ketubah signing.

Love this shot Bill snagged. Sometimes at weddings it’s a bit of hurry-up-and-wait. At least there’s usually air conditioning involved.

As they read, Craig repeatedly referred to Stacy as his husband in their Ketubah preparation, much to the laughing delight of us and their families.

Craig lifts her veil, just to double-check…

A few minutes before Stacy’s dad does the same at the start of their ceremony.

LOVE all the eyes and smiling faces in this one that Anne took.

Just seeing this image below again touches our hearts each and every time. Just love how weddings are not just about the couple, but their families, as well.

Some quiet time for Yichud. Bill’s digging this shot by Anne.

Be sure to come back this afternoon to see the thrilling party!

Dear s&c,

When you thought to bring New York-style elegance to your wedding at The Homestead, you did so enthusiastically, even mixing in a good helping of humor. The black-and-white theme carried through in everything you did and made your celebration not only personal, but elegantly beautiful. It was certainly not without its lighthearted moments though, such as when Craig tried really, really hard, to read aloud “wife” instead of “husband”. It reminded us of our own wedding, when the officiant apparently got a little verklempt shall we say, and asked Anne if she’d like to take Bill as her “wife”, amid chuckles from the audience. (He had no idea he had said this until we both started busting out laughing. He was mortified, but we absolutely loved the lightheartedness it brought to our ceremony). And we’ll not soon forget the look on your face, Stacy, as the groomsmen prepared to lift you high into the air for the hora dance (pics of that coming soon)!

The weekend of festivities started out with a Friendship Travel Test of the highest order for some in your wedding party, what with seemingly dozens of flight cancellations (and probably some unruly passengers somewhere in there), still making it not just for your wedding, but rehearsal dinner. It was compulsory at that point of course during the relaxed BBQ dinner on the lawn to share publicly all the trials and tribulations they happily(?) endured to celebrate with you and share with you all that you have meant to them over the years. We’d say it was worth it.

It was wonderful seeing some of the personalized touches you put together too. Stacy, you showed some bicep vigor when carrying your large and exquisite bouquet, but also the almost-full-size bible held by four generations of women in your family during their own weddings, attached to it. The delicious black and white cookies were a hit among your wedding guests (and shhh…maybe even us) departing that evening and were a further nod to your adopted home town of NYC.

The funniest (and perhaps, sweetest) part was perhaps at the very end of the night, as we all walked back from the ballroom toward the elevator and eventually your suite, and Stacy, after hours of dancing in exquisite heels, you decided to enlist Craig and an empty luggage cart for your transportation needs. Too funny. We so enjoyed spending the weekend with you both and your families, and congratulations to you both! We know you’ll have many, many years of laughing together to come.


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