We’re happy today to celebrate not just the Fourth of July holiday but the fun wedding of Abbie & Jeremy! You may have remembered from last week their celebration was featured in Wedding Planner magazine to boot. We’ve chatted over the past few months and have passed back and forth some great vacation ideas, and it’s been nice keeping in touch. We asked them recently if they wouldn’t mind sharing a few of their favorite images from their day, and here is what they had to say.

Our first year of marriage has been wonderful.  We had an amazing belated honeymoon in Buenos Aires and Patagonia in November.  My favorite photos from the trip is my profile picture on facebook.  On July 3, one of my co-maids of honor is getting married at a ranch outside Denver.  It will be a gorgeous wedding.  We’re spending an extra night at the ranch to celebrate our anniversary on July 4 – the perfect way to spend our first anniversary.  We couldn’t be happier.

Abbie’s faves:

Jeremy’s faves:

Joint faves:

Happy anniversary, you two, and thanks so much for letting us celebrate with you!

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