So, apparently the old adage about the cobblers children having no shoes is true…photographers seldom photograph their…cats?! Yup, sad, but true. Poor Callie rarely gets to have her close-up in front of our lenses even though she’s pretty kind about the slight and doesn’t pout too much. You’ll just have to believe us when we say she does TONS of cute things each and every day and we have the blurry iPhone pics to prove it. Well, we would if we ever downloaded them from our phones that is. And seriously, every time we pull out the big black lenses she has to immediately stop what she’s doing and come over and “inspect it”. It appears that she has a little trouble losing herself in the moment. Hmmmm.

Well, our dear, sweet Callie was the relatively recent recipient (say that three times fast!) of a summer haircut if you will. Her gorgeous orange mane was becoming a bit unruly with all this heat and humidity and a girl just can’t have that, so we finally took her in a few weeks ago for a little shave. When we picked her up an hour later, well, she doesn’t read this blog (she is way too busy napping, eating and well, napping again), but we really should just say we were laughing with her. Funny, though, she didn’t look like she was laughing.

Of course on the ride home, we promised that we would document her first haircut since she began sharing home with us, but alas, other things (re: work, eating, and napping, apparently) stole our attention. Well, we finally pulled out the big black lenses again in final attempt to document our little lollipop head before her lioness mane grows back. Although it’s already grown back quite a bit in these photos and she looks more like a short hair cat now instead of an alien rat, we still chuckle a little bit each time she walks around the corner and are momentarily surprised by how tiny she looks. It was really funny getting our cat sitter’s note after her first visit with Callie post coif. Yup, she was laughing with her, too.

And before you think that she is actually unhappy about all this attention, once home after her time at the “salon”, she promptly plopped down on the carpet and looked up at us as if to say, “What are you lookin’ at”? Once the treats came out, we’re pretty sure she forgot all about the experience. Now we (read: Anne) doesn’t have scratches up and down her arms from trying to comb out the inevitable knots and Callie prances around as if she feels 5 lbs. lighter. We think she’s adorable so please indulge her personal photographers to share a few pics of her new do and some, well, just because she’s so darn cute.



LOVE the pouf!

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  1. cathryn astin

    I love this. Thanks so much for sharing this. So good to see precious Callie. Hope you are all well. Travels in Europe were wonderful and arrived home late yesterday. Still jet lagged but happ and full of great memories from the time there. Ah, travel is wonderful in many ways. Hugs to you and Anne. Hope your summer is going well. Cathryn

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