So it’s hot. Really hot here in good ole shiny Virginia, although it looks like we might be getting a bit of a reprieve this weekend. But before you head out to the beach, we thought it would be fun to share a cool find with you before you’re off on your Summer adventures. Ya know, just to get you in the mood. Today we’re continuing our FAB Find from last week with Tori & Nick’s colorful and sweet BHLDN-inspired wedding. So without further ado…

Invitations (& People) We Love – Tori & Nick and Rock Paper Scissors – Part 2

You may remember Tori & Nick’s sweet summer garden affair with fun, light & bright colors – just looking at their paper designs and event decor made you feel instantly cooler. Rock Paper Scissors, along with Easton Events and Pat’s Floral Designs, all worked together to create a unique and cohesive look for this fun couple. We think it all came together beautifully to capture not only the couples personalities, but the light-hearted mood of their garden wedding, perfectly.

We personally hadn’t seen this many colors used together (2-3 colors are more standard) and when we’d heard about all of them, we were really wondering how it would work out together. Yet the green, coral, yellow and blues on the paper products all complement each other and beautifully pick up those same colors used elsewhere in the decor from the flowers, the vintage vases, the ribbons, the linens, dishes, candle holders, even the wallpaper used to line the table trays, in sublime and unexpected ways. Just a note of caution: we don’t recommend trying this at home. We would leave this type of expertise to the professionals. 😉

Oh, and just in case you’re like us and have always wondered what the heck the difference is between table, escort & place cards, be sure to check out on of their fun and informative recent blog posts on that very subject.

Love the Mr. & Mrs. forks from BHLDN, too!

The programs doubled as fans–a tried and true feature that your guests will surely appreciate in the Summer months.

So what do you think? Do you like how it came all together and if so, will you be taking any inspiration from their wedding and applying it to your own event or party?

Stay cool y’all,

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  1. Andrea Hubbell

    LOVE these!!! The colors all work together wonderfully, and give such a happy, summery vibe to the whole wedding. Well done, team!

  2. HollandPhotoArts

    Thanks, Andrea! It was such a great wedding! xoxo…a&b

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