You may have already heard rumors we’re working hard on a new look for our web site, and now we’re in the midst of something else new here  at Holland Photo Arts World Domination Headquarters. (Because apparently we’re not that fond of sleep. Who knew?) We’ve always been happy meeting up with clients here in C’ville at some of our favorite coffee spots, but let’s face it–the environment isn’t always the best it could be – too crowded, too loud, too dark, sometimes all three of those! So…cue drum roll….what, we we’re already over budget and couldn’t afford the sound effects? Sigh. Anyway, we are SO excited to announce that we are finally converting our 1st floor into our studio/meeting space!

We’re coming up with some great, comfortable seating, big TV with surround sound, a brand new single-serve coffee maker, and a dedicated wine cooler (woot!), among other amenities, just for you. Okay, and maybe us. We’re hopeful to be finished in a few weeks, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Steve of Reveal Build and Cathy Cassety. We’re thrilled to be working with them and have to thank our dear friends Andrea & Brian for sending them our way.

While we await the drywall dust to settle (we currently have a jackhammer outside our office going full speed as we type this – thankfully today it’s a jackhammer and not an earthquake!!) we thought we’d share some of the progress pics we’ve been taking. Many of them feature the ever-inquisitive Callie the Cat, which we love.

This was Anne’s office before we started the renovation. Pretty stylin’, huh? Unfortunately, because Bill does the color-correcting, and because we’re merging our two offices into this one (wha?? are you sure you want to do that?!?), most of the pink, Anne says sadly, had to go.

Anne’s hopeful checklist. Hee, hee…

And Bill wants you to know that these photos of her office were taken after she had already started cleaning up. Hrmph.

And Bill’s office/cubby below. In this photo he had already turned his desk to the wall in order to remove an armoire that was relocated upstairs. His desk used to face the main part of the living area and he had a pretty sweet view of the lake. The cubby area is now being turned into an exercise/storage room which will house the treadmill and all of our weight equipment and can be closed off and out of site when not in use. Which, if we’re being honest, will probably be most of the time!

The wet bar above is staying, but getting a much needed facelift. The cupboard above is coming down and making way for an awesome find from an earlier trip this year to New Orleans. Can’t wait to share pics of that, but patience, my dears. Patience.

Looking at the photo below, Bill’s old office is back on the left, out of frame. We’re removing the gas fireplace which was not well ventilated and well, builders’ grade anyway. The bookshelf in top center used to be a window before we built the small addition in order to give Anne an office and us a bigger living room upstairs, back in 2005. (Fun fact: the birdhouses were the centerpieces on the tables at our intimate daytime wedding, waaaayyyy back in 2001! Anne painted them to resemble places/things meaningful to us such as Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, Casa de Bandini in San Diego, In & Out Burger in LA, and El Convento Hotel in Old San Juan, PR where we got engaged! They sat on some greenery and were great conversation starters.)

Good- bye ugly slate tile! Sorry to say, but we will not miss you.

Yes, that is a gekko in the tile. Didn’t think we lived in the Southwest did you? Well, we don’t, so it’s got to go.

So in the photo below, Bill’s old office/cubby is off to the right of the camera. The other desk in the pic held old monitors and used to be a work space for our PA when we had one. Anne loved that the treadmill placement allowed her to look out onto the lake, as well as see the TV when she was exercising, so we’re going to try and maintain that as best we can.

Last of the before pics. We tried hard to make our beloved air hockey table work within the space, but alas it was not to be. Thankfully, it appears it will be going to a very good home.

Yea, so all in all – a not horrible space, but certainly not living up to it’s full potential either.

We’ll leave you today with a little sneak peek. The new color for our joint office. (Looks like the pink is all gone, huh? Well, you’d be wrong. 😉 Callie’s inspecting the work around the baseboards. All looks good she confirms.

More to come soon!

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