The internet has been a huge driver of people meeting each other that might not have ever otherwise done so. It’s given us clients and friends from all over the globe. While it’s exciting getting to know someone new, sometimes we soooooo wish we lived closer to friends so we could spend more time just hanging out. Such is the case with Sara & Tony, with whom we met for drinks near their home in NYC just weeks before their wedding. Needless to say, we loved documenting their celebration and are SO thrilled today to share it with you. Enjoy! And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss part 2 of their fab wedding.

When you’re ready, you can view the complete wedding gallery here. The password is Sara’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

Oh, but first, a few faves from their side-splitting funny rehearsal dinner at Winterthur. You’ll just have to take our word for that. 😉

Oh, and Lucy, this “outtake” is for you. 🙂

Check out this amazing catch by Anne with wine droplets midair. And yes, they kissed.

And now for the main event…

Anne had a serious love affair for this dress. Wouldn’t you?

And maybe her Louboutin’s, too.

This mink has crashed family parties multiple times as well. We’re thinking Sara was less enthralled with its presence.

After the mink made its escape…

A quiet moment before the ceremony.

Historic Trinity Episcopal Church was stunningly beautiful.


Note Tony’s gaze as he adjusts his footing…Perhaps Anne should have done the same. (Ask us over a beer sometime.)

Why yes, we did stop at 7-Eleven. Every girl deserves a Slurpee on her wedding day, right?

We. Heart. Sara. 🙂

(More to come this afternoon, in part 2.)

Dear s&t,

We are extraordinarily lucky in our line of work because among other things, we get to meet some of the sweetest, dearest people. Each and every couple is so wonderfully unique and we truly enjoy getting to know them. And we have to admit, we were a little worried about our connection when it came to your wedding. Since you both are in NYC, of course, meeting in person wasn’t really a very likely option and we didn’t really get a chance to chat with you both, but Sara getting to communicate so much with your Mom throughout the process, we knew if you were even half as sweet as her, we would be just fine. And we totally were.

We were so thrilled the timing worked out and that we’d be able to meet you both for drinks on our trip to NYC over your bachelor & bachelorette weekend. And well, you remember, perhaps. It was darn hard to say goodbye so soon that night! It was like a great first date you didn’t want to end. You graciously made time for us that Sunday even though you both had to have been exhausted. But that didn’t matter to you, because your care and compassion for your friends and family is truly unparalleled.

Sara, you, your sisters and your parents could not stop smiling and laughing the day of your wedding, as well as shedding a few happy tears at times. Tony, the way your parents looked at each other on the dance floor truly melted our heart. And don’t even get us started on your grandparents. What incredible role models you have for modeling a successful, long, and happy marriage. Seriously, take it from us. We’re jaded wedding photographers saying that. Ha! Not. 😉 We’re not surprised that those offering toasts on both your wedding day and your rehearsal dinner specifically called out your kindness, good hearts, and genuine love of people and of life.

We loved the non-stop grins on your faces when you saw each other for the first time that day at the altar. You reminded us of little kids at a candy store that look like they’re going to burst from excitement! And speaking of sweets, how many brides take the opportunity to stop by 7-11 for a Slurpee, just because you wanted one and thought it’d be fun? We so often see couples rushed from here to there, slave to their schedule on their wedding day. We absolutely love that you took 10 minutes for yourself that day to do something just for you. Okay, and perhaps your photographer. 😉 Ha! We wouldn’t be surprised if the clerks were still scratching their heads).

After Amy & Tim’s wedding, where Joe showed off his hoisting-people-up-in-the-air chops, we anticipated more of the same at yours. Boy, we weren’t disappointed! The dance set after your first dance was already so crazy, we thought we had time traveled to 11pm! So many people (Sara, your dad included!) got rides up on the shoulders of you and your brothers, Tony. Crazy fun. And we’d be lying if we said we each didn’t harbor a secret desire to have gotten up there as well, that night!

At the end of the evening, when you climbed that spiral staircase to wave to all your friends and family singing and dancing and waving right back at you, while the band sang Jay Z & Alicia Key’s “Empire State of Mind“–well, it just about took our breath away. Ever since, when we hear that song, it immediately takes us back to your incredible night. And Tony, we couldn’t have anticipated you doing a little crowd surfing instead of boring-old taking the steps to get back down. You get extra credit for that one.

Ah, well, should probably wrap this little love note up, before it starts getting really mushy and we start doing the ugly cry. (Seriously, it’s a good thing you can’t see us as we write this ;)). But believe us when we say, that once again, we wished the night didn’t have to end. We truly loved spending the weekend with you both and your dear families. Your wedding felt like one huge hug. Thank you so very much for including us in it all.

We wish you many, many congratulations and we look forward to when our paths will cross again.

Peace & love…

P.S. We know some of these notes refer to photos you haven’t yet seen. Come back later this afternoon. We think you’ll like it.

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  2. Shannon Lovetere

    Absolutely amazing pictures!!! You captured the love shared by the beautiful couple and their family & friends perfectly!!

    Love to Tony and Sara!!

  3. Katie Salvatore

    Thank you!!! I got to relive two very amazing days through these photos. I’m so happy you even caught the rainbow outside Winterthur Friday. We knew it had stopped raining but we were inside. Someone (who was not there) told me later of the rainbow. The smiles were so big and so real that entire weekend. You really captured the fun and the love.

  4. hollandphotoarts

    Thank you so very much, Katie & Shannon! We’re thrilled you’re enjoying them. Many more to come soon!

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