We’re so lucky. Truly. We’ve kept in touch with Maya and Josh, whose wedding we documented a year ago and have loved hearing of all of their new adventures in life. They even came down to our little ‘burb to assist with an inspired two-day shoot which we’ll be sharing with you tomorrow. We had so much fun. But that’s tomorrow. Today, we celebrate M&J! So lift the glasses of champagne (or a mimosa depending on what time you’re reading this), everyone, to this fab couple.

Maya sent an email recently with some of their absolute faves as Josh was grabbing her to take her away for a surprise getaway. Guess we’re not the only lucky ones.

Marriage is wonderful! We are so very lucky and grateful to have each other (Teddy, too!) We spent 2 weeks in Italy on our honeymoon and it was absolutely phenomenal. We are already planning on going back next summer! Life is good 🙂

Maya’s faves:

seeing my soon to be husband for the first time at our first look

karis and chet collins (the best 8 and 6 yr olds who sleepover and babysit Teddy, and who will someday babysit our own kids!)

Josh’s faves:

Their joint faves:

one of my (Maya)  favorite details of the wedding

(Editor’s note…see Emily the grinning maid-of-honor? We get to photograph her wedding next year. We can’t wait! And you may remember Tori, who is next to her. We love getting to see all these friends and celebrate with them all. Yup, pretty lucky. ;))

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  1. Jamie

    this post makes me happy 🙂

  2. Jayne

    Happy anniversary M&J! XOXO

  3. hollandphotoarts

    Aren’t they just the cutest?! Can’t believe it’s already been a year!

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