Oh, man, is it Friday already?! Dang, this week has been super duper crazy busy and we can’t believe that this is the first (& only) blog post this week?! Can’t remember the last time that happened. Well, since we’re not quite ready to share our next fun and fabulous wedding with you all, we’ve got a special treat for you today.

We were recently lucky enough to have a weekend off that just happened to coincide with Mindy’s big quarter-of-a-century birthday party. Sweet Mindy may look a bit familiar to longtime readers, because we were also lucky enough to get to shoot her & Eric’s gorgeous DC wedding a few years ago! We didn’t want our camera’s to feel left out, so of course, we had to bring a couple to document this momentous occasion. We snapped a few pics throughout the evening but mostly just enjoyed the wonderful company of friends and some of Mindy’s favorite foods, courtesy of Occasions.

Eric pulled out all the stops for this shindig–their wedding planner & friend, Jamie Sears helped him plan it AND he surprised Mindy with a super fun cake from Kendall’s Cakes, who just happened to have made their wedding cake, too. So sweet. Literally! They even had S’mores to toast over the new backyard fireplace. Have you ever tried adding peanut butter to the chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker concoctions? OMG! How did we never think of this before?!?

Because this happy couple had also recently moved into their seriously gorgeous new home in the city, it was also a housewarming party! It was a perfect early Fall evening so we just had to get a photo of them in front of their new digs.

Kendall outdid herself on this one! Love the Anthropologie & Lululemon logos! Mindy clearly has *very* good taste. 🙂

Custom birthday glasses with one of Mindy’s favorite quotes did double duty as lemonade catchers and party favors. Such a cute idea! Kerouac fans will recognize it, which reads, “Be in love with your life. Every detail of it.”

Yummy comfort foods such as Deviled Eggs…


Fried chicken!

Lobsters rolls!

Time for cake & a little serenade for the birthday girl!

Such a FUN evening! Thanks so much for having us over to celebrate these wonderful milestones, m&e. Happy, happy birthday, Mindy and congratulations on your beautiful new home. We’re so happy to call you friends.


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  1. Jamie

    Such a happy post to kick off the weekend! Thanks A+B – love you guys!! xo

  2. polyphony

    I love those glasses! Where were they made/procured?

  3. hollandphotoarts

    Weren’t they cool, Julie? Jamie had sourced the glasses through Niki at Nichole Creative at http://www.nicholecreative.com.

  4. Miranda

    Thanks for helping to capture this special evening, we’re very lucky to call you friends!

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