Today we’re happily continuing our year-long series celebrating our clients’ first anniversaries. Today we are thrilled to hear from Jess and Jeff, who offered up a happy update (complete with pics of their new beagle pup, Murphy, named after the bar at which they enjoyed their first date). How cute is that?!

So we’ve put our heads together and what we both like are 


We like them because we think they reflect who we are and what our wedding was: quirky and fun!  We also love 

because it is so beautiful and shows us in our city.

For me personally, I love 

because you captured exactly what it was like to stand under the chuppah. It felt like a fairytale forest and it was a very intimate moment with just our family. We didn’t even feel like there was anyone else in the room!

I also love

of course, because I think it is amazing how you were able to capture Jeff’s emotion in this picture. It makes me cry every time!  Truly a work of art. (Editor’s note: Jess, it makes us tear up nearly every time we see it as well–we felt that moment along with you.)

And finally, I love

because it shows how much fun we were having and how happy we both were that night.  Jeff isn’t a huge fan of this picture – sorry honey! 🙂

Jeff’s favorites are 

because it captures how happy we were that day and 

because it captures the beauty of the chuppah and shows us the moment we were getting married.

As for our first year of marriage, it has been pretty blissful.  We are having so much fun traveling and celebrating milestones with our friends and family.  We have a new additon to the family, and no I’m not talking about Jeff’s new BMW M3. We have a dog!  We adopted a precious beagle (pictures attached) and named him Murphy after Murphy’s Irish Bar where we had our first date. He has certainly enriched our lives and given us a run for our money. We love him! I’ve also tried my hand at some of Jeff’s family recipes which have made our bellies very happy. And, I am starting a blog myself on food and entertaining – coming soon!

Congrats, you two!