Wow, Friday already? We know you’ve heard that one before, but man these weeks fly by! We’ve got a really fun wedding for you today. Technically, we’re out of the office this week attending a workshop, but couldn’t leave you without anything to peruse, so we present, without further ado, we’re so excited to share Shannon and Dave wedding with you!

Ready for more? You can now view their complete wedding gallery. The password is Shannon’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.



Dear s&d,

Anyone who brings their dog to their love session gets bonus points in our book, and the fact that Parker was just the cutest pup around, totally hamming it up for the camera, just made the afternoon and really got us in the mood for your wedding. It seemed at first like it was so far away, but then it was right on top of us. How did that happen? It was so nice walking into your respective suites that morning to say hi and document you getting ready with and leisurely hanging out with your friends. (Granted there was a lot more just hanging out going in your room, Dave.)

As we’re wont to often do, we thought more about your wedding while we were returning home that weekend, and talked about some of the things we were grateful for in being able to document your gorgeous, Fall wedding day:

  • The moment of solemnity instantly turning into levity during your ceremony when your officiant mentioned your “sobriety”.
  • The two-thumbs up sign you gave your guests as you exchanged rings. Siskel and Ebert would have been proud.
  • The view. Seriously, aside from maybe the Washington Monument, it doesn’t get any better than that. So many of your guests, even longtime DC natives, couldn’t resist having their picture taken out on the terrace and their smilies could not have been bigger.
  • The enthusiasm of your parents, Shannon, as they wanted the two of you see each other in Lafayette Park for the first time that day. They could not have been more proud that you two found each other.
  • The late afternoon sunlight streaming into the room before your ceremony & lighting the chair ribbons with their gorgeous, warm yellow light.
  • Dave, we’re pretty sure your Dad’s smile that day could not have been bigger and the way your Mom looked at your during your Mother/Son dance…well, it was something we were honored to witness and document for you.
  • You and y0ur Dad, Shannon, both wiping tears away before he walked you down the aisle.
  • Your friends’ uncanny ability to dance their butts off and hold on to their glasses, without spilling a drop.
  • The love that we felt envelope us in that room, Shannon, as your Dad gave his toast and that look you gave each other in your one.
  • Dave, the tenderness with which you so often looked at Shannon throughout the evening. It almost makes us forget that you’re a Steelers fan. Almost.

Thank you, Shannon and Dave, for setting the mood that evening, and for your trust in us. You both are truly beautiful souls – inside and out and we couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations!!


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  1. Shannon

    Love these and I can’t wait to see more!! Thank you for being such amazing photographers! You both truly capture the wonderful feeling of the day!! THANK YOU 🙂

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  3. Anne & Bill

    Shannon, thank you so much! We loved being a part of it, and please remember that we can’t capture such great moments without you and Dave creating them. We’re so grateful for the fun you two had that evening.

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