So you may have noticed something looks different around here. Did we get a new haircut? No. Did we lose weight? Ha, we wish! No, but aren’t you sweet to ask. Did you redecorate? Why, yes. Yes, we did.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to be writing this entry today – that our long-awaited new website (at least in our minds, it felt very long) and blog are finally done. It was a long process, longer than we would have liked of course, but we’re absolutely thrilled that not only is it live, but that we LOVE it!

In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing some of the inspiration and background for the new looks, but today we wanted to give a shout out to everyone that helped make this new site a reality. It really does take a village. 😉

Thanks so much to the incredible photographers who took many of the photos of us that you see in the Meet A&B sectionBen & Erin Chrisman, Katrina Wallace & Andrew Meija, James & Meridith Walters, and Jennifer Domenick. We are so honored to call you all friends and we SO enjoyed being “shot” by you all. Truly, you all made it so easy for us to come over to the other side of the lens and are excited to share some of our favorites that you took of us over the years. (This fun cupcake smashing photo is from our session with Ben & Erin in Austin earlier this year and we can’t wait to share more of their fantastic work from that day (& evening!) very soon.)

We’re also thankful to the talented wedding planners with whom we’ve gotten to work with on some of our favorite weddings over the years. Thank you to our wonderful colleagues, Jamie Sears, Pam Barefoot, Jodi Moraru, Windy Jennings, Easton Events and The Event Company for your inspiration and incredible hard work. We are honored to feature your work here, as well.

We also want to thank Love Jenna for taking our dream for our logo and making it a reality. You were absolutely worth waiting for! We so enjoyed working with you and look forward to collaborating on future projects together. Matt Thomas, your eye for design is unparalleled – thank you for also taking the crazy little seed idea we had and making it grow. Literally! Your professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail was greatly appreciated and we can’t recommend you highly enough. We seriously could (and sometimes do…shhhh) watch that tree grow and the initials carved all day!

Ross and your team at Flosites worked tirelessly to get us live by our target date – thank you! We’re really thrilled with how everything turned out. And Blake, you know we just love you and Lilywillow Press— Mama & Papa Lilywillow, included! We’ve very much enjoyed our partnership over the years and sometimes we wonder if you know us better than we know ourselves. Thanks for tireless work and cheerful attitude when working with two perfectionists. Okay, semi-control freaks. Okay, control freaks. 😉

Lastly, but certainly not least, we want to thank all our wonderful clients throughout the years whom we’ve gotten to know and gotten to be part of such an important time in their lives. We’re so touched to call many of you friends. Huge thanks to the couples whose weddings we chose for the portfolio galleries. It was painfully hard to choose and in the end simply wanted to show a wide variety of work. Thank you to A&J, A&B, C&A, C&C, J&J, K&M, K&B, L&E, M&J, and T&N for inviting us into your lives and allowing us to capture and share your beautiful weddings. Simply put, you guys rock.

Our goal for you, dear reader, was to include several recent weddings showing a wide range of venues and budgets. We’ve broken down the galleries into People, Places, and Things to achieve that. In Places, we wanted to highlight vineyards, inns, historic mansions, ballrooms…you name it…venues as varied as the people choosing to marry there. We hope it helps inspire as you continue your planning.

It was also important to us to include all the dedicated professionals who worked together as a team to create such a perfect day for our happy couples shown in People. So for each featured wedding gallery, you’ll find a complete list of the talent in Resources.

We trust you’ve enjoyed poking around a bit and we hope to share some of the inspiration for the site and refreshed logo design in the coming weeks, as well as some behind the scenes.