We’re happy today to share with you a feature for Stacy and Craig, whose wedding has just been featured in the venerable¬†Grace Ormonde Wedding Style blog! They had a day filled with such rich tradition and New York-style, we were delighted to see it chosen by the magazine’s editors. The link includes a compelling back story to their relationship and wedding, and be sure to click on the photos tab to view some of the highlights in addition to the few we’ve selected below.

Congratulations, S&C! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



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  1. Stacy

    Love it! And also LOVE the updated layout to your blog. It’s got a very romantic feel to it! Have a great weekend you two!

    1. Anne & Bill

      Thanks so much, Stacy! We really wanted the new site to reflect who we were as people. So glad it’s resonating with you and Craig. Thanks for your well wishes and enjoy as well!

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