It’s been a busy month for wedding anniversaries, and we’re happy sharing one with you from April 29 of last year. The number 29 was significant to Valerie & Jared for a number of reasons (including their respective birthdays) and figured prominently in their own wedding. We caught up with them recently upon their return from celebrating in Florence, Italy, and they shared some of their favorite images:

Jared’s favorites:

like this because of the feeling it evokes of us being engulfed by the surroundings and the only thing sticking out is us as a couple.

This a great photo and of the two different color tones presented between the two window panes – a warmer one of the left and a cooler one on the right.

Valerie’s favorites:

This is just a gorgeous photo.  It’s so soft and the reflection in the windows is beautiful.

This is just so natural and relaxed – it reminds me of what a great time we had. 

Joint favorite:

It’s just the warmth of our hug with my dad – it was right after we were legally married and he was the first family member to greet us as a new couple.

Happy anniversary, you two!

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