Happy Fourth of July, everybody! We have a special treat for you today… effervescence personified in Jennifer & Greg, and celebrating their first anniversary. We enjoyed documenting their wedding a year ago at the historic Willard Hotel. We had been looking forward to it especially since their engagement session when we photographed them “painting” their walls as part of their portraits. We caught up with them to see how life’s been treating them lately, and it sounds like they’re having a blast:

Our first year of married life has been wonderful.  We’ve continued working on our house and have enjoyed watching empty rooms start to fill with furniture! For our anniversary we are going back to the Willard for dinner at Cafe du Parc and a taste of our scrumptious cake. Then in two weeks we’re off to St. Kitt’s for some R&R.  We cannot wait!  It’s so funny how a year has flown by so fast.  Every time we talk about the events of the weekend it does not seem like it happened that long ago!  You spend so much time and effort on the little details (like backing the menus, finding the perfect shade of rose ribbon and constructing those layered pockets on the backs of the chairs) but in the end what you really remember is the feeling.  The whole weekend was just filled with love.  Love from our family, friends and especially for one another.  Every time we look at our pictures we reconnect with those moments. Our goal is to keep that feeling with us for the rest of our married lives, and your stunning photographs will certainly make that goal come true!

And here are a selection of a few of their favorites from the weekend’s festivities:

Jennifer’s brother here took to the stage in a surprise performance for his sister and her new husband.

Happy anniversary, you two!