Who says a Watch Me Grow sessions always have to be at home? Ever since Bill first met Andrew for his family’s portrait way back before he had even met and married Julie, we knew he was a die-hard Nationals fan. Such enthusiasm spreads throughout the family, apparently, as little Natalie’s about as enthusiastic a toddler as you’d find in the DC area. She won’t waffle, hedge, or switch sides for political expediency in this town with this team. Nope, she and Julie are true fans and have been with the team through thick and thin. So of course we thought how apropos it’d be for us all to attend one of the more recent baseball games (while Strasburg was still pitching-yea!) for a little fun and games.

We met them all at their new digs (a really cool mid-century modern style home in a beautiful, old leafy neighborhood – seriously, it feels like you’re in a tree house!) and played with the bubble machine among other accoutrements before heading downtown for an admittedly humid, drizzly afternoon of baseball. So check out the Nat’s sweetest little cheerleader, and of course you can see the entire gallery here. Have a great weekend, everyone!

(PS – Fall has started off with a bang here at HPA HQ and as you’ve undoubtedly noticed by all the “ones” on the blog recently, we have lots and lots of wedding goodness coming up, starting next week with an incredible three-day Indian celebration you won’t want to miss! xoxo….a&b)

J&A+N+Future Fan,

We can’t thank you both enough for inviting us to your life’s celebrations – big and small. Getting to know you and your families and feeling like one of said family has been one of those unexpected joys that comes with us getting to do what we do – document love – in all forms and stages of life. We could not be happier for you both and your soon to be family of four. Wow. It feels like just yesterday we were capturing your vows and little one’s were only a glimmer in your eyes. We could tell even then that your love for each other was so full and giving that you would literally have gobs of it to share. Thank you for sharing that love with us, too and we can’t wait to hoist a beer with you down here in C’ville soon!

Much love,

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