One of the beautiful things about our career is that every wedding we document is different. Even if the decor and venue were exactly the same (although it never is), each wedding would be so unique and personal to the couple marrying. Today we’re happy sharing a wedding whose personality was true to the couple who celebrated with their families. Dean and Tilde celebrated in an outdoor ceremony overlooking the valley below, just south of Leesburg. Also on deck, tune in Monday for Kristi & Tim’s Maryland wedding!

When you’re ready, you can view the complete personal gallery for Tilde & Dean’s wedding. The password is Tilde’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The talented team:
Venue: Oatlands Plantation
Catering: Occasions Caterers
Florist: Country Way Flowers
Baker:  Fancy Cakes by Leslie

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Dean was more than happy to get some air, as it were.

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

Some unique (many steampunk!) details:

Dear t&d,

We truly can’t imagine anything as boring as photographing basically the same wedding one weekend after another. Thanks to couples like you, that will never happen! We love how you decided to do exactly what you wanted to do and and create such fun and personal experience for your families and friends when they watched you say your I do’s. You both approached the day’s planning with a mixture of amusement, a nod to your heritages, and a healthy dose of whimsey. We found ourselves wondering if Power Point was going to be involved, too, as it was for your long-distance proposal, Dean. 😉

With the heavens threatening to open up any minute that afternoon, we were thrilled when you decided at the last minute to move your short ceremony to the lawn from inside the manor since your guests would have been standing anyway. We had to chuckle, Dean, when you strolled down the aisle at the ceremony’s beginning, waving to your adoring (and cheering) fans and then laughed out load along with your guests, when your friend and officiant began the ceremony with, “Mawwwrrrrige…Mawwwrrrrige is what brings us together, today”.  Any couple who quotes The Princess Bride is a-ok in our book (we do live on Buttercup Lane, after all). She then shifted popular culture metaphors and pulled out a “working” light sabre to anoint you as married just before your first kiss as husband and wife.

We can easily see why the Danes are known as some of the happiest people on Earth having gotten to know you, Tilde. Your smile was simply infectious that day and Dean, well, you know how much we were enjoying your unique sense of humor, especially during our portrait time with you both. No worries though as jokes told during the wedding day, stay on the wedding day as far as we’re concerned. 😉

Since you bonded over your mutual love for sci-fi and gaming, you mentioned when we met a few months ago that you wanted a pesudo-Victorian feel and were incorporating some wild steampunk details into your day. We can truly say this was our first steampunk wedding! Creating an informal, comfortable environment (with gorgeous views to boot) worked so well for you, giving you an opportunity to spend time with each of those close to you rather than a perfunctory greeting. The eclectic nature of the two of you shown throughout your wedding day and we have no doubt your joyfulness and zest for creating a life together will carry you though the years to come.

Thank you again for your trust and kindness and of course, for choosing us to capture it all for you. Congratulations!

As you wish,

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  1. re ixon

    looks amazing.i wish u both long happy lives together xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Carol Kosko

    I never thought the pictures would be able to capture the uniqueness of the day (and of course, the two of you). Incredible pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. We all look forward to your whimsical future together and hope to be part of it.

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