This Fall we’ve gotten to be a part of some incredibly fun weddings, and Alex and Sean’s celebration was no exception. Weddings, by their nature, (hopefully) reflect the personalities of the couple being celebrated. Sometimes this means a more relaxed and intimate dinner with just close friends, and sometimes this is a raucous party going until 1am and ending with a shot with your photographers. Not a photographic shot so much as more of the liquid variety. But you didn’t hear that from us. Alex & Sean’s was most definitely the latter and you’re going to enjoy seeing some of the fun moments we captured. Afterward, be sure to look through their complete wedding gallery. The password is Alex’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The fab team:
Venue, catering, and baking: The Jefferson Hotel
Entertainment: Big Ray and the Kool Kats
Lighting: Blue Steel Lighting Design
Hair: Mango Salon
Gown: Paloma Blanca
Video: United Wedding Video
Florist: Blooms at the Jefferson
Officiant: Phyllis Min

Bill’s fave photos of Anne’s:

Anne’s fave photos of Bill’s:

I see track & field in this little boy’s future…


Dear a&s,

A party you wanted, and a party you got! Wow, I don’t know how we were still going strong at 1am when they finally turned up the lights, but we’re pretty sure your infectious energy had something to do with it. We’ve been looking forward to this since we met you both and your family, Alex and spent a crazy fun afternoon with you all. While your reception was one huge 300-person party, it was only the topping of the cake whose base was the gentle but intense love you have for one another and the tender love you share with your families.

We love that even after documenting weddings for ten years, we still haven’t “seen it all.” At your rehearsal dinner, we heard toasts with references that totally cracked us up (and we’ll just leave it at that for the memories, and maybe the video). Those tributes set the stage for the kinds of feelings we were to witness on your wedding day – a strong, passionate love that has already been tested. It of course started with some mischievousness when you first saw each other out on your suite’s spacious balcony. Your sweet dog Cody wasn’t going to be left out either, giving you both so many wet kisses before your ceremony we thought you’d have to open another box of tissues. Even your ring bearer got in on the high energy when he, as soon as he was released for the processional, sprinted as fast as his little legs could take him all the way to his mom’s waiting arms at the end. We understood – that was a long aisle!

Listening to your dad’s welcome, Alex, had us rolling with laughter (and trying to keep our cameras still in the process) of how he described your birth (complete with animated expressions) and how he knew you’d be a handful from day 1. And okay, seriously, you brought in popcorn and cotton candy machines? Hello! That was an awesome touch which brought out the little child in all your guests (and, perhaps us too).¬†You’re both so down-to-Earth and easy-going, and there’s no way we could have had a better time with you. Congratulations, you two!


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