Well it’s full-time winter mode here in Charlottesville! And from what we hear from friends (and the weatherman), it’s pretty darn cold in other parts of the country too. (At least until next week when it’s supposed to be in the 60’s again. Global warming, anyone? 😉 ) So we hope you’re all staying warm, bundled up with a big mug of piping hot chocolate. Today we are delighted to share Margaret & Bryon’s fantastically warm, beautiful, yet down-to-Earth wedding. Check out their engagement portraits, our favorites from the day’s celebration, and when you’re ready you can see their complete set of wedding images here (the password is Margaret’s maiden name and is case-sensitive). Oh, and for anyone that may have missed it, you can see this sweet couple featured in a recent On Love column in the Washington Post!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

The talented team:
Planner: Pam Barefoot with ATrendy Wedding
Ceremony: Uriah P. Levy Center, US Naval Academy
Reception and catering: Calvert House
Florist:  Multiflor and Edge Floral Events
Decor:  Capital Decor and Fabrication Events
Baker: Maggie Austin Cake
Hair: Hair by Giselle
Make-up: Nour Kazoun
Gown: Modern Trousseau
Quartet: Cherry Blossom String Quartet
Band:  Right Foot Red
Lighting: Digital Lighting
Stationery: Heather Bianchi and The Dandelion Patch
Calligraphy: Meant to Be Calligraphy

Bills’ faves of Anne’s:

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Nothing like a little ass grab first thing in the morning.

Bryon shrieks in mock horror of having to give up the ketubah to his wife.

And with Pam on deck, you know there’s always going to be some amazing decor. Check it out:

Now this is the way you end the night…

Dear m&b,

Ever since meeting up oh-so-early last Spring for your Tidal Basin engagement portraits, we’ve couldn’t wait for your wedding. We feel anyone who can get up before the sun and be so cheery and wonderful toward each other with only a couple of sips of coffee is destined for a long and rewarding relationship. So comfortable are you around each other we had to laugh when, at the conclusion of your ketubah signing, Bryon you feigned shock and horror at the thought of passing the document off to your wife for her safekeeping. Of course we still captured that moment, just for you, through our laughter. 🙂

You worked closely with Pam to create an experience for your guests not only considerate of their needs (hello, hot chocolate station with an ISpy bonus at the bus stop!) but also highly customized to match your personalities. After your ceremony, you could hear the gasps of delight from your guests as they entered the atrium to see the flower-adorned tree from which all the escort cards hung. And that cake! What a great idea it was to have Maggie create layers with different flavors–not only delicately decorated but amazingly delicious. We should know; we taste a lot of cake! Hey, we have to know who to recommend, right? ;-D

It was clear to everyone there how acutely aware you were of all of those close relationships you have and how they’ve supported the two of you. We felt it as well, from our very first meeting with you both and your supportive parents, Margaret at the Bride & Groom Unveiled show and are grateful for the time we’ve been able to spend with you both and your families over this past  year. Capturing your Grandmother, M as she watched you dance with your Granddad…well, just thinking about it brings tears to our eyes again. Knowing that your future generations will be able to see their previous generations in your wedding photos is such an honor. Truly.

Thank you for your love, for your support, and for your trust. We’ve had a great time so far.


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