We returned from LA last week after taking care of the final arrangements for two of my aunts who passed away on the Holland side of the family. These two women were the last of any generation that came before me, and now that Anne and I have only our siblings, one niece, one nephew, and a few cousins remaining it’s become increasingly important to spend time with them.

When we were going through my aunt Marcia’s items, Annie found an album filled with professional photographs from my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party, held when I was two. I was in several of the photos, interacting with my grandparents (my dad had passed away one month prior, so I never really knew him unfortunately). Seeing those moments of levity and celebration, especially in light of my family’s recent loss, was an incredible feeling. This album, along with another my grandmother had put together featuring their travels to China early in the last century along with photos of many of my ancestors, is now one of my most cherished possessions. My new MacBook Pro is pretty great, but it doesn’t stand a candle next to that.

So while we’re always happy when our clients invest in albums for themselves, we know deep inside the greater value is going to lie in our clients’ descendants viewing of these images many decades and perhaps centuries down the road, and the connections they’ll be able to place to our clients. It’s also why we spend so much time at a wedding focusing on those little moments with family. The photo of me on my granddad’s lap with a broad smile on my face at their anniversary party is perhaps my favorite photo of me, ever.

I’m expressing all this not to say you, dear client, need to have us create a Feature Album for you, even though we choose our craftsmen based on their talent, experience, and ability to create a piece of art that will withstand the test of time. It’s best to create something…even if it’s something you create yourselves. Create it not just for yourselves, but for your own kids and eventually, for theirs.



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