Sometimes our clients move after they marry, sometimes they change jobs, and sometimes they ditch it all (or at least a lot of it) and head out to faraway lands. We managed to connect with our dear friends Liz & Paul, a couple of months after they left for their around-the-world trip, to reminisce and tell us about some of their favorite moments from their wedding day at historic Meridian House. Enjoy!

Liz’s favorites:


It makes a girl feel good to know that someone is this happy to see her. And that he loved my wedding dress (like there was any question).


Just a wonderful, sweet picture of me and my Dad.

Paul’s favorites:


This picture captures everything.  Liz’s reaction to her brother’s speech, my reaction to Liz with my arm around her.  In my mind, this is the best picture of them all.


Our first dance.  I was in charge of the music selection and unlike other planning points, I didn’t receive any push-back from Liz on my choices.  The look on our faces says it all.

Their joint favorites:


This picture shows how happy we were to be officially married, and how relieved we were that nothing went wrong during the ceremony!


Just reminds us of how wonderful and heartfelt the speeches were.


What a great way to end the best day ever!!

Best day ever indeed! Congratulations, you two!

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