Wow, how’d it get to be September already? This summer’s totally been flying by, but it’s not been without fun and catching up with old friends. One of them has been one of our wedding photography clients, the incredibly sweet Mary Beth & Chris, who previously wed at Shrine Mont in rural Virginia. They took a minute out of their schedules (amid a major move to another city) to share with us some of their favorite moments of the day and catch up with us a bit.

We can’t believe it’s been almost a year since our wedding- Wow! We’re going to Charleston, SC this weekend to celebrate our first anniversary and enjoy some time away just the two of us. Other updates about us in this past year….we brewed multiple batches of our own beer, MB turned 30 in April and we celebrated with friends in Austin Texas, we love gardening in our new big yard and are starting a compost pile, we moved to Richmond for MB’s new job as Director of Youth & Young Adults at St. James’s Episcopal Church and so Chris could go to school at VCU to pursue a career in nursing. Never a dull moment with Team Abplanalp!

Here are their favorite moments:








It was nice too hearing from Mary Beth’s parents, who offered up their own favorites from the day (in addition to the one of Mary Beth and her dad at top, an obvious choice, or in Mary’s words, “Duh. Awesome FOB and bride shot. AWESOME. :)”


That look of utter joy on Mary Beth is like the joy I’ve seen on her face since she was an infant. But this time, it’s amped up and on speed she’s so in love with Chris.


Shrine Mont is like Mary Beth’s (and now Chris’s) favorite place in the world—where love, faith, and peace collide. And there they are, married, walking hand in hand down the pathway of the rest of their lives together.

Congratulations, you two!