Today we’re wishing a happy anniversary to Cassie & Greg who married back in the Fall of 2004, so this coming October they’ll be celebrating 11 years of marriage! It was great getting to check in with them and see where life has found them since their big day at W&L in Lexington, VA.


– What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

I’m sitting here trying to think what our biggest challenges have been! Probably the ongoing struggle to put the kids first but also move forward in our careers. We’ve handled it by really just taking turns. We moved to NJ for Greg’s job, and I started consulting and traveling three or four days a week while he juggled work and taking care of our son. I took a step back when our daughter came along so I now work from home while he works longer hours further away. We’re about to undertake the next challenge; Greg left to start with a new office in Virginia and I’ll remain in NJ with the kids until our house sells. Along the way we have both left higher-paying jobs to do something that we cared about and that’s something I hope our children will be able to do some day.

– Where has life found you since your wedding day? 

We have two children. Conner is 8 and Katie just turned 3 in February. Greg left his law firm to start a new job at the Department of Justice. I have stayed in fundraising and alumni relations, now with the University of Richmond. They are kind enough to let me telecommute so I can continue to work with this amazing team while the Greg’s job moves us around.

– What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

What’s most amazing to me about our wedding day is how nearly everyone we loved was in the same place at the same time. In the last ten years we’ve lost many of the people in that picture, to death or distance or just time, but that one day we just had so much love and happiness in one room. It still takes my breath away.

We lost Greg’s dad less than 2 years after that day which makes the family photos even more precious.

Have your little ones seen your wedding photos and if so, did they have any comments you wouldn’t mind sharing?

The kids have seen the wedding photos because we have them all over the house. My favorite is the shot that has every one of our guests in one picture, which hangs in our kitchen. Every time our 2 year old meets a new member of the family or an old friend, we show her where they are in the picture and she thinks that’s amazing.


Thanks so much and happiest of anniversaries to you C&G! Your kiddos are so cute and we love that you share who people are via your group photo. What a great idea!