It’s been so much fun reliving some of our 2005 weddings and checking in with our couples who are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year! Not only have some of them had some great advice for on how they’re making their marriage thrive, it’s been a blast getting to see how their families have changed and sometimes expanded since their wedding day.

Geni & Erik were one of our first weddings with Pam of  ATrendy Wedding and let’s just say, she set the bar incredibly high yet she continues to knock it out of the park with each and every wedding we get to do with her. We had such a great time working with her and we continue to be good friends to this day. As you’ll see from some of the photos from their wedding day below, we absolutely adore Geni & Erik. Even though they live far away, they’re never far away from our hearts. We’ll always remember their beautiful wedding and the joy among their families as they said I do.

Hi Anne! So nice to hear from you. As our anniversary approaches I have been thinking of you and Bill and reflecting on that day a good bit. So the timing of your message was perfect.

– What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

Immediately after our wedding, we left on a two week honeymoon, returned, sold our condo, packed up all our belongings, moved to Michigan, bought a new place, and started a new job and graduate school. So the first few months of our marriage certainly had many changes! And I think we have continued to be on the move ever since. Most weeks it is the constant navigation of the ups and downs of both working full time and raising a spunky and hilarious almost-five year old.


– Have you had any unexpected joys?

It’s probably the most cliche thing in the world but having a child has been full of moments that were unexpectedly more joyful than we probably ever thought possible. And now she is at an age where we get to watch her become her own little person. We have also had the chance to travel a lot, which we love, and have passed down that wanderlust to our daughter. It was so exciting for her to get her first passport!


– Where has life found you since your wedding day?

We are very happily living in Ann Arbor, Michigan having become Midwesterners by choice. Erik is a health care consultant working on-site most weeks at hospital client sites and I work for the University of Michigan in our Career Center and teach part time at Eastern Michigan. We love our town and our neighborhood and feel lucky for the community we have around us.


– What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

We were laughing that we both felt the night went in fast forward! We remember the anticipation of getting ready and the hours leading up to the big day. We remember what a party it was! So many people we love in one place and packing the dance floor. We also remember being exhausted at the end! But relaxation is what the honeymoon is for!


Photo Credit Pink Sky Photography

– Has your little girl seen your wedding photos yet?

She is a princess obsessed little girl who thinks nothing of grocery shopping in a ballgown and cape. So when we recently showed her pictures I think she mostly was enamored by how “fancy” she thought we looked, as well as everything around us. She has not had a lot of occasions to see her dad in a full tux and mom in a gown. She also commented on how young we looked (we were!) but we chose to ignore that part. 😉


Photo Credit Pink Sky Photography

We genuinely feel that we don’t have as much fun with anyone else as we do with each other. Ten years has flown by for all the best possible reasons and I think we both feel lucky to have each other.

And we’re lucky to have gotten to be part of such an important day in your lives, G&E. Thank you for having us then and for staying in touch. It’s been a joy getting to see your family grow through the years.