When we thought seriously about moving to Boulder a few years ago, we sat down and said, but we don’t know anyone in Boulder! Well, duh. It didn’t take us long to realize that we did in fact, know a fair amount of people in the great state of Colorado – not only photographer friends, but also former clients who we’ve been able to keep in touch with, albeit often sporadically, over the years. Once we let them know we were considering a huge, life changing move across the country, they couldn’t have been more open and welcoming to us and while we still, and always will, miss our East Coast friends and family, we’re thankful for all of our CO friends – old and new.

Our CO friends Kim & Ian fall into this category. They married back in 2005 in Charlottesville at their alma mater, UVa, but lived in Vail, Colorado at the time. This highly outdoorsy couple (they’re celebrating the big 10 with an amazing adventure – just the two of them eating and literally running their way through Spain!) named their reception tables after the ski resorts they had been to together. First and only couple who’s ever done that!

They now live in Golden (closer to Boulder than Vail – yea!) and we’ve so enjoyed getting to spend time with them. We recently asked if they wouldn’t mind if we celebrated their anniversary on our Journal and they were very happy to oblige.


– What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

Over the years we have each had opportunities and decisions to make with our growing careers and our growing family.  There have been ups and downs with jobs and family and with each down we took the time to evaluate our options and make a choice on the path ahead keeping family that first and foremost priority.  With the growing careers and growing family more coordination and balance has been required to tend to the needs of each other as well as the family.  June of 2014 brought a variety of challenges our way from jobs challenges to loss of our beloved chocolate lab to an ambulance ride with our youngest.  Through it all faith and the love and support of our families got us through it.  It was a great reminder to be thankful and to cherish every moment.


– Have you had any unexpected joys?

Our unexpected joy becomes a greater joy every day.  While every one of our children is a joy to have in our lives, our third was unexpected.  We had two beautiful and healthy children and while Kimberly had though a third might be nice, we were happy with our family of four.  Number three came as a bit of a shock, as the explanation to why Kimberly could barely keep her eyes open in the middle of any given day.  While the pregnancy was a blur since we were chasing two other children around, that moment that our youngest was born we knew our family wasn’t complete without her.  She puts a smile on our faces everyday.  She is such a joy to have in our lives, and we honestly don’t know what we would do without her.  

– Where has life found you since your wedding day? (career, home location, family status, etc.)

After the wedding and honeymoon, we arrived back in DC to turn around and drive to Edwards, CO where Ian was working for Vail Resorts.  We enjoyed about a year living in the ski town before making the move to the front range as Vail Resorts made their move. We have found ourselves settled in enjoying all that Colorado has to offer and making great friends in Golden.  We enjoy skiing, biking (mountain or road), trail running, and hiking together.  All of these activities we are sharing with our three beautiful children ages 7, 5, and 2, who so far also ski, mountain bike, trail run, and hike at the level their ages can.  

Ian recently celebrated 10 years with Vail Resorts, and Kimberly 12 years with Appian.


– What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

We remember all of the fun we had with our friends and family.  How the day was filled with so much love and joy.  We remember how everything seemed just perfect, and we would do it all over again.  We also feel fortunate to have maintained a relationship with the wonderful photographers that captured that day for us!

– Have your kiddos seen your wedding photos and if so, have they had any comments you don’t mind sharing?

The kids were younger when they saw them so it was mostly identifying the people in the pictures and asking who people were. Our daughter really liked mommy’s dress.  It would be so fun to show them again now that they are a little older. 



Thanks so much for sharing some of your past ten years with us K&I and we look forward to grabbing a beer together soon!